New Series: The Weekend Edit

For those of you who follow along regularly, you may or may not have noticed that I almost never post to the blog on weekends. I’m active on Snapchat (@blondechiffon) and Insta, but I’ve always felt that people aren’t as apt to go read a blog post on Saturday or Sunday as they are during the regular week. I honestly have no idea whether this is true or not (bad blogger, not doing my research, I know), but it’s also nice to take a little breather and come back strong on Monday. 

Why You Need to Dry Brush for Beautiful Skin (Or You’re Missing Out)

Dry brushing is one of those topics that I reference all the time and have been meaning to do a full-fledged post on for what seems like literal ages. I started dry brushing after reading another blogger’s lowdown on it a few years ago, and I’ve pretty much been obsessed ever since. It’s something that I try to do almost every time before I get in the shower, and my skin is definitely thankful for it! 

But wait, WTF is dry brushing? 

Motivational Monday: Fear is Boring

As the saying goes, worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere. I feel the same way about fear, which remains at the top of my shit list indefinitely. After all, there’s really nothing remarkable about fear. No excitement, and certainly no enjoyment. 

And did I mention that it’s f*cking boring?

8 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Inspired Fast

In lieu of a typical #MotivationalMonday edit this week, let’s talk about something a bit different — something that just so happens to be most creative entrepreneurs’ biggest frenemy. 


Whaaaat? Isn’t inspiration supposed to be my BFFL, you ask? Well, the funny thing about inspiration is that, when it’s there for you, it’s on freaking point. When it’s not though? That’s another story…

5 Things You Need in Your Life This Week

I was super surprised last Friday at the positive reaction to my first “5 Things You Need in Your Life This Week” post. I always click on these types of articles on other blogs, but I had no idea how much others would enjoy my own finds! 

For some reason, this week’s content was particularly easy to stumble upon, and it’s safe to say that I’m going to be trying all of the above in the very near future (aka Saturday & Sunday). 

Beauty Food: Antioxidant-Rich Pomegranate Avocado Toast

2017 is bringing big changes to The Blonde Chiffon, mainly in the form of several new series. I’m a huge fan of them (obviously), and that’s mostly because I feel that they can make a brand more consistent and cohesive.

My goal in creating a few new series on TBC this year is that they will help you see that all of the content  is interrelated, connecting back to one simple idea: bettering yourself and your self-image through a fashion and beauty-focused lens. There’s way too many girls that struggle to keep up with the latest trends, which can often take a toll on their budget, time, bodies, self-confidence, etc.