The Weekend Edit: Mega Cheat Day(s), Photoshoots, & 4-Legged Friends

“The Weekend Edit” is a recurring series on The Blonde Chiffon designed to give readers a behind the scenes look at our weekend shenanigans. Tune in every Monday for a complete recap on what we did — and trust me, no week’s the same as the last!


It’s been a hot second since I posted the last ‘Weekend Edit’, when I shared R.’s birthday celebrations and an official reveal of our new puppy Pixie. However, I’m happy to be back with another recap after a bit of downtime! I love sharing a look into my daily life with you guys, and I hope that you enjoy learning a bit more about me as well.

As for this weekend…

It. Was. BUSY.

I had to drive back to my hometown on Friday night to shoot some photos with my fur baby Brooke, who’s living with my parents while I’m finishing up my last semester at school. It was great to be home, and I’m so excited to share the new post with you guys (sneak peeks are above and on my Instagram).

As soon as I got home on Friday night though, my dad and I made plans to grab dinner at one of the best Italian restaurants in town (as evidenced on Snapchat). One of my favorite parts about being home is going out to eat, so this was much needed. My family and I love going out and trying new restaurants, but we definitely have a running list of those that we frequent often.

The next day was crazy, because we had to do a shoot for an upcoming sponsored post. We took Brooke down to the beach near our house and took lots of cute photos of her on our little adventure.

Since Richard wasn’t in town though, I had my mom take the photos. She doesn’t do them very often, but they honestly turned out great!

If you guys are interested, I’ll do a post on how to teach your BF/mom/BFF to take high-quality photos of you for your blog? We’ve certainly come a LONG way, and I have lots of tips & tricks to share that I think have not only improved the quality of my photos, but also have helped me land many of my sponsorships too!

My mom and I also grabbed lunch at one of our favorite burger joints that day, so I really need to step up my healthy eating game this week, ha!

Anyways, I spent the rest of the weekend prepping and working a fundraiser for my college equestrian team. Needless to say, I had no trouble falling on Sunday night…

Overall, it wasn’t the most exciting weekend, but it certainly kept me busy. And sometimes, that’s what behind the scenes really looks like. Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow though to catch a new sponsor + more pics of Brooke!

Also, I’m headed to Pittsburgh next weekend to visit R., so there will be much more to recap on Monday.