5 Trends You Need to Try This Spring

Thank the freakin’ Lord, spring is finally in the air. Winter has been treacherous around these parts, but it was (almost) all worth it when I got to pull out my favorite polka dotted number this past weekend. I’m already feeling a major purging of my winter closet coming on, and I absolutely can’t wait to break out more of my spring pieces.

In the spirit of the warmer weather, I want to share with you guys five trends I am loving this season in hopes of helping you perfect your spring wardrobe fast. I swear, just grab the below essentials, and you’ll be up to speed in no time.

These trends are absolute must-tries, and you guys HAVE to tag me in your #ootd’s on Instagram so I can steal your stye too 😉 :

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I’ll admit, I have a love/hate relationship with patterns. I all too often swoop up an adorable floral blouse or a cute plaid piece just to have it sit in my closet and collect dust after I wear it a whopping one time. However, there’s no ignoring that patterns are a major trend right now. My suggestion? Opt for patterned pieces that you can actually see yourself re-wearing. For example, I’ve owned the pictured polka dot dress for years, but the simple B&W color scheme allows me to wear it over and over again, without looking like a major outfit repeater. Love.


Had enough of the OTK boot trend yet? Have no fear, because there’s lots of other styles you can adopt while still keeping your look on point. I love my two-toned riding boots (pictured below), which are perfect for spring. I’m also very into ankle boots too, which go great with jeans for a more casual look.

PRO TIP: Don’t worry about buying real leather…trends change so fast that it’s not worth the investment unless you’re confident that you’ll love the boots years down the road, even after the fad has passed. 


I’ve said it here and I’ll say it again, neutrals are so underrated in the springtime! I’m down for a pretty pastel every once in awhile just like the next girl, but I also adore the look of a bright, creamy neutral look. It’s less expected, and you can really get creative with your accessories.


Another trend I’m seeing a lot of already this season is a bit of feminine flair. This is a great time to bring in some lace to add a bit of texture to your outfit, while also incorporating the trend into your wardrobe in a non-obvious, seamless fashion.


Please tell me you’ve been seeing bell sleeves everywhere too? I wouldn’t be surprised if my mom showed up in ’em at this point, since it’s becoming so popular! That being said, this trend is a fabulous way to spice up an otherwise traditional look and include some contrast. Very fun!

So, what’s your favorite spring fashion trend? Do you love delicate florals, or are you more of a pastel girl? Let me know in the comments!

  • Chloe Wong

    Oo yes! I am loving all these trends especially the bell sleeves and patterns! It’s so fun to mix all the different patterns! 🙂

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/fishnets-friend-foe/

    • Holly Habeck

      I totally agree! Thanks for reading Chloe! xx

  • Austen Tosone

    Hey, chiffon blog names! I love bell sleeves this spring. – Austen

    • Holly Habeck

      Me too! I’ve been seeing them EVERYWHERE.