The Stories Behind my Four Favorite Pieces of Jewelry

If you’ve had the chance to peruse my ever-growing library of fashion content, you may have noticed that I’m not typically one for flashy jewelry. I love a statement necklace just as much as the next girl, don’t get me wrong. However, I have a few staple pieces that hold a lot of meaning to me and that I wear almost every day. 

Try to spot them in the next outfit post I publish 😉 

Anyways, I thought it’d be fun to give you guys a rundown of the pieces that you’ve probably already seen on me and will continue to see for a long time to come: 

The Best Fitness Tips for Staying Healthy With Your Pet

It’s hard to believe that we’re rapidly approaching the one year anniversary of Brooke’s adoption. It’s funny, because it seems like she’s grown up so fast, yet I can’t really imagine life without her anymore. 

For those of you who don’t know, we rescued our favorite itty bitty pitty last spring when our golden doodle passed on after a rough battle with cancer. We didn’t really intend on getting another puppy, but our great dane, Rex, had never known life without a companion. 

Bringing Brooke into our home was honestly the best thing we could have done, as she lightened all of our spirits and helped alleviate some of our grief.

The Weekend Edit: Mega Cheat Day(s), Photoshoots, & 4-Legged Friends

It’s been a hot second since I posted the last ‘Weekend Edit’, when I shared R.’s birthday celebrations and an official reveal of our new puppy Pixie. However, I’m happy to be back with another recap after a bit of downtime! I love sharing a look into my daily life with you guys, and I hope that you enjoy learning a bit more about me as well. 

As for this weekend…

It. Was. BUSY. 

5 Things You Need in Your Life This Week: Chai Smoothies, spring cold remedies & more

“5 Things You Need in Your Life This Week” is a recurring series on The Blonde Chiffon. New edits are published every Friday, and the intent is to give readers a concise list of amazing thoughts/projects/trends to try over the weekend and into the next week. I hope that you are as inspired as I am by these finds! 



I saw this recipe rounded up on this week, and I couldn’t resist adding it to this list too. It just looks so delicious, doesn’t it? 


This personalized necklace is one of the coolest things I’ve found on Etsy in a long time. You know how in love I am with my three fur babies if you’ve read this post, and this rose gold custom necklace is the perfect, fashionable way to show it! 

4 Affordable Skincare Products I Love (Under $25!!)

Let’s dive into one of my favorite topics, shall we? 


I’ll admit I’m a tad obsessed, and it’s not uncommon to find me romping around the house with the latest mud mask or blackhead strip plastered to my face. Trying products is genuine fun in my book (and believe me, I’ve tried a lot)!

Today though, I want to hone in on a sector of the skincare market near and dear to my heart, and that is…affordable skincare products. We’ve all had that devastating moment in Sephora where we lock eyes with a small jar of some fancy looking skincare item, just knowing in our hearts how transformational it must be for our skin. 

5 Trends You Need to Try This Spring

Thank the freakin’ Lord, spring is finally in the air. Winter has been treacherous around these parts, but it was (almost) all worth it when I got to pull out my favorite polka dotted number this past weekend. I’m already feeling a major purging of my winter closet coming on, and I absolutely can’t wait to break out more of my spring pieces. 

In the spirit of the warmer weather, I want to share with you guys five trends I am loving this season in hopes of helping you perfect your spring wardrobe fast. I swear, just grab the below essentials, and you’ll be up to speed in no time.