Easy and Comfortable Last-Minute Easter Outfit Inspiration

SHIRT (*) || SKIRT || SHOES (*)

For some reason, I never plan my Easter outfit out too far ahead. I’ve seen a number of bloggers dressed to the nines in gorgeous floral numbers and other festive frocks for the past few weeks, but I’m more of a last-minute kind of gal. I also don’t love some of the stiffer looking pieces — you know the dresses that just look kind of hard to breathe/move around in? 

Instead, I’m taking more of a lax approach to my Easter attire this year and opting for my favorite flowy pastel maxi skirt. It’s easy to style (#lazygirlapproved), and is absolutely killer if you’re looking for something that just screams “Easter weekend”. 

SHIRT (*) || SKIRT || SHOES (*)

And what do you guys think of this long-sleeved cutout crop top? I bought it at the same time as the maxi skirt, since I just knew they belonged together!


My favorite part?

I got the entire outfit for under $30. 

Yep. Under $30. 

But I bet you could’ve guessed that though if you’ve read this post on how to afford designer clothes in college 😉 

SHIRT (*) || SKIRT || SHOES (*)

In other news, have you guys been loving all of my Pixie pics? She made an official debut in this post here, where I carried her around downtown Pittsburgh IN MY PURSE, since we didn’t want to leave her at home while we worked. #ElleWoods

She’s also been gracing my Instagram quite frequently lately and, to be honest, I think she’s loving every second of it. It’s kind of scary how much our personalities are alike — I don’t know how R. deals with us!

Anyways, do YOU have any fun Easter plans? What are you wearing?! As always, I’d love to chit chat in the comments 🙂

SHIRT (*) || SKIRT || SHOES (*)