How to Rock the Destroyed Denim Trend for Under $100

SWEATER (*) || TOP (*) || JEANS (*) || BAG (*) || SHOES

Unfortunately, it’s still sweater weather here in NY.

In fact, we had a literal tornado warning on Monday night.

WTF East Coast.


Can you see I’m a bity salty about this ‘lil predicament here? I’m a person whose mood is definitely affected by the weather, so the constant grayness outside is quite underhwelming. How’s a girl supposed to stay creative (which is essentially us bloggers’ bread & butter) when it’s downright gloomy out?

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but I want summer already! Or at least some sunshine. Ya know? Not to mention, this is the one year that finals week isn’t actually going to kick my a$$ (#classof2017), so it’d be much appreciated if it’d brighten up here STAT.

All that being said, there is a few things this weather is good for. One of these things is that it’s still acceptable (& essential) to wear jeans. I’m all about the destroyed denim lately, and I just snagged a new pair for super cheap. So, I thought I’d do a little roundup for ya’ll on some of my favorite distressed pieces under $100…because we all know how expensive these bad boys can go for. 

My aunt & I barely have any pictures together, even though she's basically a second mom to me, so we're trying to take them every time we hangout

My aunt & I barely have any pictures together, even though she’s basically a second mom to me, so we’re trying to take them every time we hangout

SWEATER (*) || TOP (*) || JEANS (*) || BAG (*) || SHOES

It was funny, because my mom and aunt (pictured above right) came up to my college last week to drag some of my million miscellaneous winter clothing items back home before I graduate, and the first thing she said to me was…

“Wow, I hope you didn’t pay a lot for those jeans. There’s nothing there to them.”

V. funny, mom. But really though, it is kind of ridiculous to pay hundreds of hundreds of dollars for…dare I say any pair of jeans? And don’t even get me started on the $425 MUDDY JEANS from Nordstrom *insert laughing/crying emoji*. They’ve really outdone themselves with that one…

Anyways, enjoy the roundup of my favorite destroyed denim pieces (many are well under $100) below!

Talk to ya soon XX,