Summer Essentials!! Everything You Need in a Nutshell…

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So, perhaps you’ve read this post, where I told ya’ll about the little hurricane warning we had in NY last week…

Sounds like fun, huh?

We’re obviously *quite* ready for summer over here in the East Coast, so I just couldn’t resist putting together a little warm weather roundup to get in the spirit. I’m loving all the pom poms and tropical prints this season, despite the fact that I’m trying to keep away from such bright pieces (I wear ’em once and get bored). I can’t wait to just lay out in the sun all weekend though — with SPF like 1 million on of course, b/c I’m a psycho bitch about preventing wrinkles.

P.S. You guys should definitely check out powdered sunscreen. It’s my absolute fave, because it’s non-greasy AND lasts forever. So good.

I’m also trying to plan a few road trips for the next few months, especially since I’ll be turning the big 2-1 in July. Thinking possibly NYC or maybe Canada…We’ll have to see. Let me know if you guys have any good recommendations though for a little weekend getaway. I’m already hitting up New Jersey right before my birthday though for a Vampire Diaries convention.

If you guys haven’t seen the show, it sounds ridiculous, I KNOW. Buuuuuut my roommate and I really wanted to meet some of the actors, since we’ve watched all seven seasons and have been borderline obsessed…

Kinda crazy, but it’s definitely going to be fun and I’m planning on vlogging the experience too. Make sure ya subscribe here and follow on Insta to keep up with the shenanigans 😉

Anyways, what trends are you all loving this summer? Any summer beauty must-haves you swear by? Please share your secrets + any travel plans you might have for the warmer months!

Have a fabulous weekend,