A Little Ombre

Photos by Ruya Kirac of Sweet Short and Stylish Photos by Ruya Kirac of Sweet Short and Stylish

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to stroll around our little shopping district + hit up the canal with friends. On the weekends, lots of people have the same idea, but somehow it’s still relaxing despite the crowd.

Truth be told, I pulled this look together in about 15 minutes. I’d just gotten home, didn’t have time to shower and was kind of a hot mess. But that’s the beautiful thing about maxis, right? They have this uber impressive ability to mask the fact that we’re so not prepared to go out in public yet. Love, love love it.

This Lauren Conrad number is at the top of my list right now, mainly because of its super fun ombre look. I also love that it’s simple enough for a casual dinner, yet fancy enough to even wear to a wedding. Versatility is a key component when I’m out shopping for clothes. If I can’t picture myself wearing it on more than one occasion, odds are it’s not gonna happen (unless it’s on sale…then it might be justified…).

I’m also really into layering jewelry right now, especially bracelets. They’re easy to mix and match, and they’re another element that I find helps me look more put together than I really am. #winning

Happy Wednesday!



  • Anna

    Such a gorgeous dress! The ombre detail is so pretty!


    • Holly Habeck

      Thanks Anna! xx