Homemade Nut Butter With Chia Seeds, Flax Powder & More

If there’s one thing I’ve been crazy about lately, it’s almond butter. I love the consistency — a little less oily than peanut butter, yet just as delicious. I’ve actually been going through about a jar a week, and it’s borderline becoming a problem…except for the fact that it’s packed with loads of health benefits like vitamin E, magnesium and iron, so not really.

Nut butters are a total staple in my kitchen not just because they taste good, but mainly because of their versatility. I’ll put a tablespoon on a banana, apple and even in my smoothies. (This crunchy smoothie recipe using almond butter is my absolute favorite.) I get bored of eating the same meals/snacks over and over again, so this is a major necessity for me when it comes to shopping for food.

Like I said, almond butter really packs a nutritional punch. It’s got loads of protein and fiber and, according to Care2,  is even known to reduce bad cholesterol and stabilize blood pressure. So, the other day when I was devouring my daily dose of almond butter and fruit I had a thought. Why not supercharge my nut butter with other nutritional elements I care about?

Here’s how it went down:


♥ 1 cup almonds

♥ 1 tbsp pure maple syrup

♥ 1 tbsp chia seeds

♥ 1 tbsp flax powder


♥ Use your food processor to break down the ingredients until you achieve your desired texture.

♥ The mixture will build up on the sides of the food processor, so stop to scrape them down every few minutes.

♥ Know that it takes quite awhile for the almonds to break down to the point where they release enough oil to turn the nut particles into a butter-like consistency. Be patient. It’s worth it!

You can also substitute a lot of these ingredients to match your own personal preferences, including your nut of choice. Share your recipes in the comments below so I can try too!