Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hi guys! Today I’m talking about something SUPER important…like more important than those Steve Madden shoes you’ve been lusting over kind of important (hard to believe, I know).

Mother’s Day.

It’s one of the few holidays that tends to lose prevalence as we age. There isn’t an elementary school teacher facilitating our cute, homemade m-day gifts anymore. And, if you’re at college or (eek!) part of the working world, dad might forget to remind you to go out for last minute shopping. My dad almost always does, but luckily I’ve (almost) always got it covered.

Every Mother’s Day I try to do something special for my mom, even if it’s something super simple such as buying her her favorite Bath & Body Works bubble bath and telling her I love her a few extra times.

One year I didn’t buy her any gifts, but I wrote her a poem in Word and put both our pictures at the bottom.

It’s still framed and on display in our house 10 years later.

Mother’s Day is a lot less about what you can give to your mom and lot more about how you can show her you care. Whether you do this by whipping up her favorite decadent chocolate cake (I see you mom), helping her with her latest home improvements or gifting her a heartfelt card, it makes a difference. Kicking myself for being so cliche, but it really is the thought that counts.

Here are a few ideas to help make the important woman/en in your life feel extra special this May!:

P.S. Happy early Mother’s Day mom, I love you! Thanks for always being my biggest fan and reading my blog, even in the early days when no one else was.


Animalia Coasters

Butterfly Ginko Candle

Gucci Lip Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick

Marc de Champagne Pink Truffles

Mother + Daughter Necklaces

Mouse Cheese Picks 

PBK Sunshine Pillow

Philosophy ‘Amazing Grace’ Eau De Toilette Layering Set

The Goldfinch

  • Anna Baun

    These are great gifts for Mother’s Day! I absolutely adore the cheese picks! XO


  • Mom

    Love you too!