The Must-Have App For College Girls

What if someone told you that you could stay safe at school with the quick touch of a button? With BlueLight, you can.

BlueLight, a personal safety app available in the App Store or on Google play, is any college girl’s go-to when it comes to living life with confidence and without doubt. Don’t think you’ll ever be in a situation that will compromise your safety? The app doesn’t just feature easy-to-use tools for emergency situations, but also for every day use. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of addicted to the On My Way service. This feature allows users to share their location with contacts whether on a road trip, walking in the dark, on the way to meet someone or even just giving someone a heads up that s/he is home safe. Just set your destination and location sharing will automatically turn off and notify the contacts of your choice once you’ve arrived. This has totally saved me from dozens of worried calls from friends and family when I forget to check in.

Though no one wants to imagine a real-life emergency, BlueLight was founded by CEO Preet Anand due to concern over the high rate of sexual assaults on college campuses. According to the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault association, RAINN, one in every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Scary, right? The good news is, with BlueLight, you’ll never have to worry.

The Request Help button connects you to the closest emergency services such as 911 when off campus, Campus Security when on campus or Ski Patrol if you’re hitting the slopes. The user’s address also appears over the dialer for easy-to-access location information. Plus, when dialing emergency services, you have the option to simultaneously notify your emergency contacts. Don’t worry mom and dad; you’ll be the first to know if I’m in trouble.

Another great feature that makes the BlueLight app even easier to use is adding it to your Android lock screen or iOS Today view for two tap access to safety features. Added bonus: the app is free!

And the best part about app? The empowerment that comes with knowing that BlueLight’s got my back and that safety is in my hands…literally.



Thank you to BlueLight and Her Campus Media for sponsoring this post.