VIDEO: My First Vlog! Come to a Bridal Show With Me

Hi friends, and happy Thursday! I’ve been crazy busy creating new content lately, but I wanted to take the time to share with you my first ever vlog. My future sister-in-law and I went to a bridal show last weekend (it was tons of fun), so I decided to do a little “get ready & walk around the show with me” video ☺️. I know I haven’t posted a ton of wedding stuff (yet…stay tuned), but I’m SO excited to get married and also plan this whole thing. It’s also going to be so much fun bringing you all along on the journey!

Let me know what you think of these types of videos in the comments. I’m planning on doing more vlogs in addition to other Youtube videos, because I think they’re fun to film and also a great look into my everyday life. I’m really kind of bored of the whole portraying life as absolutely “perfect” through social media thing, and I think other people are too. So, I hope you enjoy this!

xx Lots of love xx