Weekend Bites: My Favorite Hydrating “Piña Colada” Smoothie

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(P.S.) Not sponsored, just obsessed.

I won’t lie, I’ve been on a bit of a sugary/greasy food bender for the past few (!) weeks.

[Hence why I told ya’ll about my plans to join a gym stat, here.]

Since finals week, my girlfriends and I have been livin’ it up on Wendy’s frostys & fries, cheese balls, coconut cake, + basically any other nasty-ass food you can think of.

It’s gross. I KNOW.

I never put on the freshman fifteen, so maybe it’ll just be the senior 15 instead, all compounded in the two weeks prior to graduation, haha! #cantescapeit

I kid, I kid. But seriously, I’m hopping back on the clean eating, morning workout wagon asap. And even though I’ll still be splurging a bit for the next week leading up to graduation, I’ve been starting my mornings with one of my favorite smoothies.

I call it my “piña colada” smoothie, because the first time I tried it I thought it tasted like my favorite, coconutty alcoholic bev (sans alc, of course). I knew I just had to share the recipe with you guys, since it’s super hydrating (which means clearer skin, happier body, etc.) and tastes pretty amazing too.

And funnily enough, I actually stumbled upon this recipe by accident. When I told my friends about it, they all thought I was crazy for incorporating watermelon into the recipe. The first time I made it though, that was the only fruit we had in our house…and so this recipe was born. Now it’s become a total favorite of mine. The consistency is perfect (i.e. not too thick), which makes it the perfect post-workout rehydrating & protein-packed snack, or a great addition to a light breakfast.

Anyways, here’s the sitch:


+ Handful fresh watermelon cubes

+ Handful favorite frozen fruit ( I like mango, peaches, and/or pineapple)

+ 1/2 tbsp cashew butter

+ 1 tbsp chia seeds

+ Splash coconut almond milk (other nut milk would work too, but this one is the best + gives the smoothie that coconutty flavor)


+ Blend ingredients, & serve immediately

♥ ♥ ♥

So, that’s the smoothie concoction that I’ll be whipping up each morning this week. I’m not big on cooking, so I love that this recipe is easy and delicious. I also never share recipes that aren’t ones I’ll incorporate into my diet regularly, since I think that’s the test of if it’s really worth sharing at all. If it’s not something I’d make more then once, then what’s the point? Ya know?

Now I’m going to pack up some more of my stuff & prep some of next week’s content, since ya’ll know I’m headed to a dude ranch this afternoon. Will keep you updated through Insta, so make sure you’re following for lots of craziness and entertainment.

Much love,

xx Holly xx