How to Spring Clean Your Closet (+ Your Life)


Earlier this week, I shared with ya’ll some of my thoughts on graduating. It’s honestly a bit of a weird time, and overall it’s bittersweet. But want to know what I absolutely, hands down HATE?

Having to move my entire life out of my apartment and back home.

This is coming from someone who hauled a literal trailer to campus with all of her stuff in it at the beginning of last year. There was that much.

So yeah. Moving out is a sick freaking joke at this point.


The thing is though, there’s really been only one option so far for me, since we’re not doing the whole trailer thing this time around…

That option is to downsize.


This doesn’t come close to painless, since I’m borderline a hoarder. I hate discarding anything that isn’t short of useless, because I might end up needing it later.

That being said though, the first thing that I dug into while spring cleaning was my closet. It was overflowing with old, out of style pieces I haven’t touched in years, yet couldn’t bear to part with in the past. I’m actually bringing an entire bin of reject clothing to the thrift shop this week though, and my wardrobe hasn’t looked so good in ages.

Since it felt pretty good to cleanse my closet, I figured I’d share a few of my tips for even the most stubborn clothing hoarders. Here we go:

1. Go hard or go home.

If you actually want to see results, I suggest going through everything. Lay it all out, and go from there. Starting with just one drawer/section of your closet is more manageable, but WHAT. A. BORE. I’d rather get it all done at one time, instead of spanning the process out and living with an unmanageable wardrobe for even longer.

2. If you’re unsure, toss it.

When I was cleaning out my closet, there were more items than not that I looked at for five minutes +, debating whether or not I wear them enough to warrant keeping them, or if I could figure out any outfits to put the pieces to better use. Typically, I’d end up tossing these items in the “go” pile. If it’s been in my closet for over a year and I haven’t worn it more than once (if that), odds are it’s going to keep sitting there collecting dust. Save yourself the time and stress, and just let it go if you’re starting to overthink.


3. Take advantage of thrift shops.

Before donating, you’ll want to check out your local thrift shop or Plato’s Closet and see if they’ll buy any of your designer items. You can also use sites like Poshmark to sell some of your pricier pieces that are still in good condition. This is a great way to fund new clothes, haha!

+ Once you’re done clearing out your closet, make sure to read this post on where to buy designer clothes on MAJOR sale (like 50-70% off).

4. Trade.

I wasn’t the only one who cleaned out my closet in my apartment this week. My roommates did too, and so we did a clothing swap of all the items the thrift stores didn’t want to buy. I actually got some V. cute pieces (top & bag as seen here) from this, and it’s fun to see how your friends restyle the clothes, too.


So, do you guys have any tips on spring cleaning your wardrobe? I kind of felt like it was a whole spring cleaning of my life, tbh.

It’s amazing what getting organized can do.

In case you’re wondering, some other things I’m trying to do this spring in the “life” cleaning category are:

♥ Stop doing shit I hate.

♥ Start saying “no” more often.

♥ Read for at least a half hour every day.

♥ Join a gym once I get home & get back on the workout wagon.

♥ Go out & keep in touch with friends more often.

Have you done any spring cleaning? Any goals you’d like to accomplish in the next few months? Do tell! 

And P.S. Are you guys following on Insta? Because there’s going to be a LOT going down this weekend…We’re road tripping to a dude ranch on Sunday to celebrate graduation, and you’ll definitely want to follow along with the craziness! << there’s sure to be a lot of it.

Talk soon,

xx Holly xx

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