The Weekend Edit: 36 Hours in Pittsburgh

“The Weekend Edit” is a recurring series on The Blonde Chiffon designed to give readers a behind the scenes look at our weekend shenanigans. Tune in every Monday for a complete recap on what we did — and trust me, no week’s the same as the last!


Ahh another week, another “Weekend Edit”.

This weekend was particularly fun, because I was in Pittsburgh visiting Richard & Pixie, our little Chi-Pom (Chihuahua x Pomeranian) pup. I wasn’t able to stay long, since I had class this morning, but the short little vacay was much needed and appreciated.

Also: for those of ya who don’t know, R. is stationed in PA this semester for an internship, while I’m here in New York finishing up my undergrad degree. So, even just 36 hours spent together is better than nothing!

Richard will also be in Pennsylvania for the summer as well, so you can expect to see more Pittsburgh mini travel diaries around here in the near future. I might even make a city guide once I’ve spent some more time there.

For now though, let me clue you in on what we did this past weekend:


I had about a 4.5 hour drive to get to the city, so Friday night was pretty low key. It was so much fun seeing Pixie get all excited to see me though, and we took her to the pet store shortly after I arrived while we were out getting pizza and wings for dinner. We watched a few movies with R.’s family (he has a lot of relatives in PA) and went to bed pretty early, knowing that we wanted to wake up at a decent hour the next day.


Saturday was nice, because we went down to The Strip District to take some blog photos. We were mostly here on work, so we didn’t really get to enjoy the flea market as much as we would have liked, but I definitely want to go back there to explore soon!

After that, we were on a major time crunch because we were hosting a cookout for some of the other interns that Richard’s become friends with. Overall though, we had a really good time and it was fun to meet some new people. Also, one of the girls brought artichoke dip to the party, which made me so happy, haha.


Saturday night was by far my favorite, because Richard took me to the Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. This restaurant is up on Mt. Washington, and gives you a view of the entire city, so it’s pretty amazing! The food was also really good…I ordered the lobster ravioli and some award-winning grilled cream cheese dessert (pictured below). Just thinking about it is making me hungry again, haha.


Sunday was again low key, since I had to head back home in the afternoon. We went downtown again though to do some more blog photos, which I can’t wait to share in the upcoming weeks! R. is getting pretty good at taking pictures, along with my mom, which is exciting.

We also got Penn Station for lunch, which I’d never had before. I got a pizza sub though and a lemonade, and it was delicious. Definitely not healthy, and kind of greasy, but delicious nonetheless.

Sunday afternoon I headed home, and now it’s back to the grind…until next weekend 😉


I hope you guys are enjoying this series and getting to know me on a more personal level. I’ve loved sharing my life a bit more with ya’ll, and if you’re lovin’ it too, be sure to follow along on Insta and Snap, where I post all of this (& more) in real time!

ALSO: Have any of ya been to Pittsburgh before? I’d love some recommendations for next time I’m in town!