8 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Inspired Fast

Before we get into the post, do you guys love this outfit or what? I got this faux leather jacket and fringe bag for cheap, cheap, cheap — and I’m totally obsessed. I’ll link similar pieces below (all under $55) and at the end of this post so you guys can shop away! xx

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In lieu of a typical #MotivationalMonday edit this week, let’s talk about something a bit different — something that just so happens to be most creative entrepreneurs’ biggest frenemy.


Whaaaat? Isn’t inspiration supposed to be my BFFL, you ask? Well, the funny thing about inspiration is that, when it’s there for you, it’s on freaking point. When it’s not though? That’s another story…

Even the most well-noted artists/writers/performers/etc. experience creative blocks, yes. However, knowing this certainly doesn’t make it any easier when we’re experiencing one ourselves. What are we supposed to do? Just sit around and twiddle our thumbs until inspiration decides we’re cool enough to sit with at lunch again?

And nothing’s worse than hopping on the self-pity train.

Boring, boring, BORING. 

Instead, next time you’re feeling uninspired, try one of these eight sure-fire tricks that’ll totally get you back in the zone:

1. read something

Believe it or not, reading is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I’m constantly adding new books to my nightstand in an effort to not only educate myself more thoroughly, but to stimulate my thoughts and creativity. You never know what information will strike you just right and create that spark you’re looking for, so my best advice is to read, read, read.

And if you’re only interested in crime novels? That’s fine, go ahead and read those books. BUT, don’t be afraid to expand into other genres, too. I’ve always felt that reading up on a variety of topics has the ability to genuinely improve not only your own life, but the quality of your company in the eyes of others. Being knowledgable and learning about new ideas is what makes people interesting! And, like I said, sooner or later it’ll dust off the shelves and turn on the lights in your creative mind.

2. make a playlist

Need a pick-me-up? Get together all of your favorite songs and make a mood-boosting playlist. Choose songs that truly make you feel happy and like you want to seize the day. It sounds a bit silly, I know. Trust me though, it totally works! Sometimes a bit of electro-pop or a cool drop is all you need to get things rolling again.

3. take a break

When I experience writer’s block, my first instinct is to drop everything and run. No, this isn’t really the appropriate response, haha. However, taking a break from your craft for a bit can certainly be helpful in stimulating inspiration. Get outdoors, meet with that friend you haven’t seen in awhile, do anything that will get your mind off the problem at hand. Often, we’re just overthinking and creating a block for ourselves when there really isn’t even one there! All it takes is just stepping outside of yourself and your work for a bit to get re-inspired.

4. sweat it off

Some of my most brilliant ideas have come to me when I’m working out. Maybe it’s the rush, or maybe it’s that I need to focus on anything other than the fact that I’m so tired I feel like crumpling to the ground. Either way, breaking a sweat can be a great activity to encourage some new creative thought.

5. collaborate

Being around other successful individuals in your field is another tried-and-true way to amp up your inspiration. I have a few blogging besties that I go to when I’m feeling burnt out, and I’ve found that this can make a world of difference. Whether you’re just venting to a gal-pal, attending a local meet up, or full-on collaborating with other creatives, socializing and exchanging ideas with other people is a timeless strategy for reinvigorating your own work.

6. or, embrace solitude

Not feeling the whole collaboration thing ATM? That’s cool too. Head to your favorite local coffee shop or other hangout spot on your own. For some reason, being alone, yet surrounded by other people always helps me to get down to it and bang out some work.

7. push through

Sometimes, the best thing to do when you’re experiencing a creative block is to just tell it to eff off. Keep creating anyways. Don’t stop for anything. Maybe everything that you produce during that time is useless to you but, soon enough you’re inspiration will be back. Just keep the ball rolling.

And if you’re a writer, I know they have apps that delete everything if you stop writing for a certain period of time. It’s feels like a strange tactic, but it’s a great way to get outside of your own head and just flow.

8. take a trip

Finally, my favorite way to get inspired fast…

Going somewhere new has literally never failed to motivate me. It’s a great way to see/learn new things and get out-of-the-box ideas for your next project.

Have you ever experienced a creative block? What’s YOUR strategy for kicking it in the butt ASAP? 

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  • Tami Walker

    I’m always inspired by music and books. 🙂 This is a great post, and I love your jacket!

    • Holly Habeck

      Thank you, Tami!! xx

  • Shane ✈

    Traveling somewhere new – near or far, always leaves me feeling uber inspired! Fab outfit girl!

    • Holly Habeck

      Me too! I LOVE traveling, and I always come home feeling completely reinvigorated and ready to get back to work. Also, thank you! xx

  • Christie Brown

    I love this, I’m always in need of a little inspiration (#lazylife). My favourite way to get motivated is to head on over to good ol’ Pinterest. Either that or read a good book. Next time I need a little boost, I’ll give this post a re-read; taking a trip sounds like it would work a treat. 🙂


    • Holly Habeck

      Pinterest is another one of my go-to’s as well! Bloglovin’ is another good one too, but I agree that nothing quite beats a good read 🙂 xx

  • Jenny B.

    Yes to all of these <3

  • Gerome Braga-Paredes

    Wow! This post is cool! Since my hubby and I started to blog a month ago, we’ve been talking a lot of stuff. Learning from other bloggers out here. And yes, I would love to have some collaboration (I hope) someday with other bloggers. And for sure, this will kill boredom. Nice post, girl! 😀

    • Holly Habeck

      Thank you Gerome!! Best of luck with your new blog 🙂 Keep up the hustle and good things will come!! xx