Beauty Food: Antioxidant-Rich Pomegranate Avocado Toast

2017 is bringing big changes to The Blonde Chiffon, mainly in the form of several new series. I’m a huge fan of them (obviously), and that’s mostly because I feel that they can make a brand more consistent and cohesive.

My goal in creating a few new series on TBC this year is that they will help you see that all of the content  is interrelated, connecting back to one simple idea: bettering yourself and your self-image through a fashion and beauty-focused lens. There’s way too many girls that struggle to keep up with the latest trends, which can often take a toll on their budget, time, bodies, self-confidence, etc.

So, it’s always my goal to provide ya’ll with fast, simple & easy tips to looking and feeling like total smoke shows.

But what does avocado toast have to do with beauty, you ask? I’ve always focused on #cleaneating approved recipes here on The Blonde Chiffon, because a healthy diet is part of what makes me feel beautiful. I bet you didn’t know though, that certain foods can have amazing impacts on your skin and overall appearance. Not to mention, internal beauty is equally, if not more, important than external beauty — and these recipes also play into that theory as well.

Of course that brings us to the third (yes, third!) new series on TBC this year: Beauty Food. The Beauty Food series is all about clean and SIMPLE/on-the-go recipes that have the ability to positively impact both your internal and external beauty. Love, love, love.

But that’s enough explaining for now. Let’s just jump into already, shall we?

I’ll start off by saying that I’m not a breakfast eater. This pomegranate avo toast is just one of the only two A.M. meals I’ll eat, ranking right up there with this easy and healthy morning burrito bowl.

What I love about this avocado toast though is that it doesn’t taste like breakfast to me. There’s no typical, cliche b-fast ingredients, but it’ll still keep you fueled right up until lunch. Or, if you’re like me, you might even make this meal in the afternoon, too! Since it doesn’t really taste like a stereotypical breakfast food, it’s a great all-around, quickie meal.

But let’s chat about the beauty benefits, ok? 


At this point, it’s been beaten into most of our heads that avocados contain healthy fats. They’re the perfect substitution for creamy condiments or dressings, and they actually provide real nourishment. According to this source, “these healthy fats can fight fat while nourishing your hair, skin, and nails for a sleeker, sexier you.”

Another important benefit of avocados is their antioxidants, which help to fight free radicals. Live Strong explains it best:

“When you metabolize food or are exposed to pollutants, your body makes free radicals. Free radicals harm cells, including skin cells. Antioxidants found in avocados, such as carotenoids, vitamin E and vitamin C, help protect against the damage of free radicals. One particular carotenoid, lutein, promotes the water content and elasticity of skin and decreases the destruction of beneficial skin lipids. Vitamin E protects you from ultraviolet light. Your body needs vitamin C to make collagen, which is the main structural component of skin and the source of its elasticity and firmness.”


Like avocados, pomegranates are also rich in antioxidants, which help to reduce inflammation in irritated skin. These antioxidants also play a role in protecting our bodies from sun damage and pollution.

One of my favorite parts though? “Pomegranates are full of ellagic acid, an antioxidant that has shown promising results in reducing collagen breakdown.” A.K.A, this antioxidant helps to plump skin and fight wrinkles! Yay, yay, yay.

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And now, the (easiest) recipe:


+ Mash avocado and smear on toasted bread. Top with pomegranate seeds & goat cheese and enjoy!


+ 2 slices gluten free multigrain bread

+ 1/2 avocado

+ 3 tbs. pomegranate

+ small amount crumbled goat cheese

What’s your favorite on-the-go breakfast? 

  • Allison Gallagher

    That sounds RIDICULOUSLY yummy! OMG! I need to try

    • Holly Habeck

      Yes — it’s SO good, Allison! And better yet, easy! xx