Better Late Than Never: The Best of 2016

Okay, so I’m low key posting a 2016 recap two weeks after we rang in the new year…Delayed, I know. So are you guys ready for the 2017 talk to STFU already? I hope not (but to be honest, if I see another new year’s meal plan popup on bloglovin’ for the 500th time, I might be too…).

Anyways, for those of ya who’ve been following along with the shenanigans on Insta, you know that R. and I have been nonstop on the go lately. First Disney, then Ft. Myers, Jamaica & Pittsburgh.

Needless to say, it feels good to be home. 

It also feels good to be behind the computer and back at the keyboard again. I had wanted to keep blogging while we were traveling but, as per usual, things didn’t go as planned. We got so busy and, rather than feel guilty about not posting for a few weeks, I took you guys along on Instagram both through posts there and on my story (btw, I’m obsessed with this feature…RIP, Snapchat). Sometimes you’ve just got to live life in the moment, you know?

However, I’m finally settling down (currently laying in bed dozing off as I write this) and ready to get back to the grind. 2017 has big things in store, I just know it!

But first, can we take a second to look back on last year? Because it was pretty effin’ amazing:

1. I hired a professional photographer

Though a lot of my girlfriends know me to be ballsy and outgoing, I can be equally shy and introverted when it comes to meeting new people. So, hiring my first professional photographer to capture some of my favorite outfits last year was a big step. It was majorly out of my comfort zone, but I couldn’t be any happier now that I’ve done it. Though I don’t always work with a pro on my photos (I’m teaching R. how to use the DSLR, and I have a fantastic roommate/BFF who somehow doesn’t try to kill me when I ask her to retake a pic 10 times), it’s something I definitely want to continue to do in 2017.

P.S. If you’re looking for a photographer in Upstate NY, check out Katia. Her photos are gorg, and she’s a blast to work with.

2. i started a youtube channel

Okay, technically I’ve had a Youtube channel for awhile. BUT, I wasn’t really doing anything with it until recently. In the past few months though, I’ve posted an easy AF healthy(er) hot chocolate recipe, an unboxing video, and a travel vlog. It’s not much, but I’m looking forward to creating more videos in 2017!

3. We went to St. Maarten

Richard and I started off 2016 with a two week stay in St. Maarten. We explored the entire island and loved being in a new place together. It sounds cliche, but it really was unforgettable.

4. I changed my graduation date

I officially decided that I would graduate college a year early in 2016. Now, instead of finishing up school in May of 2018, I’ll be rocking that cap and gown this spring. I’m gettin’ a move on in life, and it feels so good!

5. TBC went from a blog to a business

I started this blog during my freshman year at college pretty much as a creative outlet. In 2016 though, I did quite a bit of sponsored work and had the opportunity to collaborate with some of my favorite companies! I’m looking forward to expanding in 2017 and continuing to grow the business side of this blog.

Some of my favorite sponsored posts last year were…

6. We got a puppy

What would a recap of 2016 be without mentioning our new puppy, Brooke? She’s such a trip, yet insanely cuddly and attached to us. I’m so happy we decided to adopt her and give her a better life.

7. I started experimenting with natural beauty

It wasn’t until 2016 that I developed an interest in at-home, natural beauty remedies. Now though, I’m totally hooked. I featured a few different body scrubs and other recipes on the blog last year, but I’m really looking forward to expanding this section in 2017. Unlike topics such fashion and beauty tutorials, I don’t see a lot of bloggers talking about homemade (cheap & easy!) beauty remedies, so I’m excited to get a grasp on this subject.

Here are a few of my faves from 2016!

8. My natural beauty recipe was featured in a Bloglovin’ edit

Getting featured in a Bloglovin’ edit last year was a big surprise. It was so cool to see such an interest in my 5 Minute DIY French Vanilla Coffee Body Scrub, and it helped me to realize how much people enjoy this type of content. So, keep an eye out for more in 2017!

What were your best moments of 2016? Any plans for 2017? I’d love to hear about them!