How to Create the Perfect Glittery Eye for the Holidays

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It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner. This is of course exciting for me, because it means a (debatably) much-deserved break from school and lots of time to work on the things that I love most (i.e. blogging). I’m also looking forward to the many holiday parties that characterize the season and help make it memorable. After all, good food plus good company equals a darn good time. Right? 

Right. That being said, I’m really looking to step up my makeup game this season. I recently invested in some new eyeshadow palettes, and I can’t wait to finally have an excuse to use some of my favorite (most glittery) shades. I experimented with a sparkly eye look earlier this week, and it’s definitely worth redoing during the holiday season. It’s just a few simple steps and can be recreated using pretty much any colors you want! 

Here’s the DTLS: 

step one: apply eyeshadow primer

I just recently started using eyeshadow primer *gasp*, and I’m totally hooked. I hate that dry, creased appearance that eyeshadow can get after awhile, so this is a great way to keep your look fresh all day/night long. I also just like the idea of having a foundation to layer upon. I never go without my normal foundation, so why not treat my eyes the same way? 

Step two: apply base shade

Here’s the fun part. Pick a color, any color! All you have to do is make sure it has some shimmer to it, since we’re focusing on creating a glittery eye. I like to stick to neutral colors, specifically different shades of brown, but there’s so many things you can do to switch this look up. That’s just one of the many reasons I love it! 

step three: darken crease with a deeper shade

After you’ve applied your base shimmer, it’s time to darken the crease of your eyelid with a slightly deeper shade. I like to use a skinnier eyeshadow brush if I have one on hand, because it makes it much easier to isolate that creased area instead of accidentally brushing over your entire lid and undoing all of the greatness you’ve created with your base shade. 

step four: apply light shimmer powder

Now you’re going to want to get out a fluffier eyeshadow brush and apply a light glitter shade to your entire eyelid. Since my base color was a light brown and my crease color was a dark brown, I opted for a light gold powder to dust on top of it all. This really puts everything together and truly makes it a glitter eye look! 

step five: apply mascara

Finally, apply your favorite mascara for a finishing touch.

step six: add eyedrops

Want to know a secret to keeping your eyes fresh all day long? 

Mine’s Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ for Dry Eyes.

I’m obsessed with the preservative free formula and the fact that the drops provide up to 12 hours of comfort. Since I’m looking at my computer screen almost all day long between school and blog work, nipping eye irritation in the bud is an absolute must. In fact, I just picked up a new bottle on my most recent Target run last week. 

I recommend adding the eyedrops before applying any makeup, but for some reason I like it as a finishing touch in my routine.

Either way, red eyes would totally ruin this glam holiday look, so make sure you’ve got your Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ for Dry Eyes on hand! | See more information on the product here. |

Let me know what you guys think of this tutorial in the comments! Also, don’t forget to use this coupon for $3 off of your next bottle of Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™!

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  • Nicole Elliott

    Looove this look! I’m all about the sparkles, always, but I love that I can really get away with it during the holidays! ~ Client