DIY College Survival Kit

As the only child of two adults who never obtained a higher education (they started their own business instead), I didn’t have even the slightest taste of college until I was unpacking my things and settling into my dorm room as a freshman. I brought countless “college essentials” that year, including a curling iron holder and multiple (yes, multiple) shower caddies, and yet there were still a few things that I probably could have used that first semester…or any semester, actually.

A lot of these items that I’ve now deemed must-haves, I never would have boughten for myself or even have thought I would have wanted…

And that’s where this college survival kit comes in. It’s a great gift both from parents to children or from friend to friend. And the best part? It’s super easy to put together. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

1. Face masks & Bath products

Most students won’t hesitate to tell you that college can be stressful, and pampering products such as individual face masks and bath salts can make all the difference after a long day of classes. Try to choose certain scents and ingredients that promote relaxation and/or sleep for an added bonus!

2. emergency chocolate

Everyone can use an emergency chocolate bar, right?


Coffee might be one of the only things that gets college students through those nasty 8 a.m.’s, so a travel mug is an absolute essential.

4. fuel gift card

Between classes, sports teams, student organizations, etc., there’s a lot of running around at college. Plus, staying on campus 24/7 can be quite the bore. That’s why any college student with a car will appreciate a Fuel Everywhere Visa gift card. This is a great way to help out practically and make sure you’re adding something to your survival kit that’s a true necessity. You can pick up these fuel cards from Gift Card Mall at your local grocery store or online at!


Like coffee, protein bars can give a much needed boost during an early class or late night of studying. Not to mention, these snacks will be even more appreciated as the semester wears on and students tire of the dining halls.

6. mini dry shampoo/cosmetics

Ever pulled an all-nighter studying? Most students have, and let me tell you…it does not look cute. Travel-sized cosmetics and dry shampoo might not feel like essentials at first, but they can be total face savers when you’ve spent days without leaving the library or showering.

What would you put in a college survival kit? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments! 

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