A Unique Gift for the Man Who Has it All + a Giveaway

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If you’re a TBC regular, you know just how much I love creating gift guides. I’ve always found them super helpful when I’m stuck on what to get someone, and I love providing others with inspiration for their loved ones as well. Also, let’s be honest…well-made guides are pretty and fun to look at, AND they give us ideas of what to put on our own wish lists 😉

That being said, every year I struggle with what to get my dad for Father’s Day. As a very outgoing and successful guy, there’s not much he really needs or asks for. He’s done some pretty crazy stuff, from showjumping horses to driving race cars, so it’s almost impossible to surprise him!

And isn’t this true of most dads nowadays? Okay, maybe they don’t all ride horses and drive race cars, but today’s dads are absolutely offering fresh perspectives on fatherhood. And, as a blogger, you guys know I’m not one for following tradition either…

In fact, a lot of this creativity and entrepreneurial spirit I express online has come from my father.

Not many people know this, but my dad didn’t go to college. He didn’t even finish high school. And why does it matter? It matters because, despite the odds in today’s society, he is one of the most successful people I have ever met, both in his personal life and in the business world. He chose a path that few people do, and that even fewer people are successful with. However, with hard work and grit, he’s managed to build a wildly successful business and overall life for himself.

Knowing this about my father not only inspired me to start The Blonde Chiffon, but to keep persevering. There have been many times when I’ve wanted to quit. There were even more times when I would work for hours on a post, just to have it fall flat. Blogging is certainly not a common career, and nor is it one that many people ever experience a great deal of success with. However, seeing how my father overcame challenges and really worked his a$$ off when he was young (and he still does), motivates me to keep on working for it. After all, he never would have experienced the success that he has if he had quit.

So, given all that my dad has done for me, I really wanted to think outside of the box for this Father’s Day. I try to show my personality and creativity in pretty much all that I do, so I ultimately decided to opt with a few personalized photo gifts from Snapfish. I made one collage for my dad’s desk, and a larger canvas for hanging somewhere in my parent’s house.

I chose photos that were important to both me and my dad, especially for the smaller tabletop panel that I designed to sit on his desk at work. The most sentimental of these photos is probably that from my high school graduation, but I also included memories from a family trip and a horseback riding competition that I competed in a few years ago. As for the canvas, I chose some beautiful, yet simple family photos to really emphasize the quote and design of the piece.

We celebrated Father’s Day a bit early in my house, and my dad really loved the thought and creativity that I put into the gifts. It was definitely a win considering he can be pretty tough to buy gifts for!

How are you celebrating your father this year? Would you rather pick something from a gift guide or let your creativity go wild? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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