V-Day Gift Guide For Him

Hi guys! Richard is back on the blog today and sharing some of his V-Day gift ideas (because do any of us really know what to get our guy? Like ever?). I never would have thought of this stuff on my own, but there’s a lot of great options, so check it out! 

I Love You Pillow Cases – Get these for a guy who is a bed bug. Every time he looks at them, they will remind him of you.

A Bonsai Tree – A really calming piece for a desk or bedside table, a bonsai tree is something that needs to be taken care of gently…same as a relationship.

Guitar Hero Live Tour – For those guys that want to jam out, but can’t actually jam out.

A Ukulele – An easy and fun to learn instrument for those who are musically inclined or want to be.

Lush For Men – For a guy who likes to smell nice, or likes a finer, more organic shaving cream. They also have products for after the gym in case he just doesn’t have time to shower (ew). (link here)

A Chip and Salsa Bowl – For the guy that always wants chips and dip and hates doing dishes, this is an all in one.

Scratch Map/Globe – For the guy that likes to travel. As he travels from place to place, keep track by scratching the area on the map to reveal different colors

Sphero Ollie Bot – No matter how old, every guy loves playing with remote controlled items. This one in particular pairs with a phone and goes up to 14 mph.

Cookie Mug – What’s not to love about that? (link here)

Hope this gave you some good ideas and will make V-Day shopping a bit easier this year! Anyone have any fun plans yet? 


  • Tomi Obebe

    Great ideas! My guy just got a PS4 for Christmas and would probably love that.