Why Your Hair is Greasy (and how to fix it!)

We’ve all been there. You wake up one morning and your hair just isn’t what it was last night. You curse the beauty gods from above and wonder why bad things happen to good people. And the worst part? Now you’ve got to shower. In the morning. And possibly go to work with wet hair.

This does NOT work in New York…at least not in January (unless you enjoy your hair actually turning into icicles).

I was running into this problem way too often this fall (thank GOD), and I’ve finally gotten to the bottom of it. (Side note: Don’t ya love how I’m talking about my hair being greasy to all of you? I know. GROSS. But hey, TBC is all about teaching/learning, people, and if I have to share some not-so-flattering info to help a few gals out, it’s no skin off my back.)

So, here it goes, the icky habits that are preventing you from luscious second (and even third!) day hair:

You’re not using the right shamp/conditioner.

This was hands down, the absolute biggest culprit behind my struggle with rocking second and third day hair. Some products are heavier than others and contain ingredients that can weigh down thin hair. AKA, you don’t need a shamp with moisturizing oils if you’ve got lightweight locks like me (see my thin hair tips & tricks here). Know your hair type and then look for which products are best suited for what you’re working with. Also consider checking out reviews of a product before investing, even if it’s inexpensive. You can learn a lot just by looking at what other people have experienced! I never would’ve been in the predicament I had been if I’d just looked up reviews of the brand I was purchasing online. Apparently I was the few people who wasn’t aware of this shamp/conditioner’s bad rap.

You’ve got buildup. 

Just like your bod, hair can benefit from a detox too. Try this shamp once a week to clear out all of the junk that can be a major villain when it comes to beautiful roots.

You’re washing your hair too much. 

According to this InStyle, “…washing too often can do more harm than good, and strip your strands of essential oils. Like your favorite silk blouse, hair tends to lose its shine and dimension when given a run through the rinse cycle one too many times.” And what comes next? An overproduction of oils to overcompensate for what you’ve lost from washing too much. And get this — for thin hair, experts recommend only washing three times a week!

And I know what you’re thinking…What if I go to the gym and sweat on the reg? Do you really expect me to not wash my hair? No thanks. Well, you can still shower, can’t you? Rise off, and even add a little dry shampoo if needed. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. (P.S. This brand is my fav if you’re looking for a good dry shamp. This specific line even has a hint of color in it, which I love.)

You’re styling it wrong. 

I hate to ever say that there’s a “wrong” way of doing something, but second and third day locks don’t style themselves. And believe it or not, this is the perfect time to whip out a curling iron. Since curls hold better in slightly dirty locks, beach waves/curls are a great look to rock for second or third day hair. A volumized style also is the best way to get rid of any hint of excess oils. Break out with the dry shampoo, curling iron, and just a bit of hairspray to make the most out it. Also try to avoid any tight updos or flat styles (such as using a straightening iron), as this tends to amplify slightly oily roots and add to a slick, matted down look. No thanks!

How do you make your style last longer? Please do tell!

P.S. Fun collab as well as the St. Martin travel guide coming up this week, so stay tuned!