Thin Hair Tips & Tricks

As a child, I wanted a lotttttt of things. Among those many things, I wanted to be Jewish, Japanese, a movie star/dog groomer and basically anything else that I was not. What can I say? I was infatuated with being different. So, naturally, I also wanted to trade my forever thin (kind of straggly at the time) locks for curly hair. It was classic case of wanting what we can’t have and my healthy, non-fried hair is seriously grateful that I came into my own and have come to embrace my thin, straight style. Still, I do love to experiment with different highlights and textures, and I’ve learned (the hard way) that my thin hair benefits from a little extra TLC to make up for it. Here are a few of my favorite tips/tricks/pieces of advice to keep thin hair looking fresh all day long (and btw, none of the products in this post are sponsored, I just love them and thought I’d share!) :

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Switch it up. 

Any type of hair will adapt to your washing routine at some point, so switch up the type of product you’re using. The amount of time in between changing products may vary according to your exact hair type, but professionals recommend changing out your shampoo at least every month to prevent buildup and increased oil production.

Some products are too heavy for thin hair. 

Ever had a problem with your hair getting greasy, even right after you’ve washed it? It’s frustrating, disgusting, and feels like there’s no solution. Try switching out your shampoo and conditioner for a “lighter” brand. Many solutions that work wonders on curly hair tend to build up and weigh thin hair down, so look for a product that either specifically says it’s designed for thin hair or for getting locks super clean. ALSO: more is not better, so watch how much product you’re using, especially in the shower. A little conditioner goes a long way.

(I use this brand.)

Dry shampoo is life. 

I don’t know what’d I’d do without dry shampoo. It’s a thin-haired girl’s BFF. I use it to add a little volume to my hair in the morning and keep a travel bottle in my backpack for when it gets flat later on. Because let’s face it, if you’ve got thin hair you KNOW, it’s not a matter of if it’ll get flat, it’s a matter of when. It’s all about preference when it comes to choosing a brand, but I love this one because it has a hint of color in it, which is great if my roots are getting a little dark. And it smells good too!

Your hair needs a detox too. 

One of my biggest issues with my thin hair is product buildup. I recently discovered Neutrogena sells a detoxifying shampoo that just needs to be used once a week to nix buildup and make your regular formula work better. I’m absolutely loving this as a detox for whenever I feel my hair getting greasy from product overuse.

Hopes this helps, and let me know if you have any questions!

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