Powdered Sunscreen is the Bomb Dot Com

As much as it pains me to admit, I’ve never been very committed to wearing sunscreen. Sure I’ve shaped up in the past few years, but it’s evident I’ve already done a good deal of damage. I even remember one traumatic vacation where a small section of my skin was actually scabbing, not blistering, as a result of a serious sunburn. Not okay.

The good news though is that using sunscreen daily can actually help reverse past damage by alleviating the body from having to fight UV rays and free radicals 24/7. At the risk of sounding a bit vain, I’m all about reversing that damage and abolishing a few future wrinkles. Oh and the obvious one: f*** skin cancer.

There’s just one problem. Doesn’t everyone kind of have a secret hate for sunscreen? Not only does it smell super artificial and chemical-y, but it’s oily AF. I mean, come on. If for some ungodly reason you ever decide you want clogged pores, just apply sunscreen daily. Of course there’s some great high end options to choose from…just so long as you’re willing to drop about 30-50+ bucks on a baby sized bottle of cream.

So, let me introduce you to a total game changer: powdered sunscreen. Like most beauty products, there’s a doable option for every size budget. And it’s powder, so even the bargain brands won’t grease you up and clog your pores. Love it.

According to Refinery 29, most powders are made up of highly refined minerals such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide particles — many of the same ingredients found in your typical creams. However, unlike average sunscreen, the powder sits on top of your skin instead of absorbing. This leaves beauty gurus and noobs alike questioning its effectiveness. If the powder doesn’t actually absorb into your skin, what happens if you touch it? Does it wipe off and you have to reapply?

The answer is no (yay!). Natural oils on the skin help it to adhere to the surface, just as long as your existing foundation is dry before you apply the powder. But, like any sunscreen, it’s important to reapply every few hours, especially if you’ve been sweating or swimming. At least it nips the too-dewey-kinda-sweaty dilemma in the bud though, right?

Despite having to reapply every so often (like any other type of sunscreen, big whoop), I’m a total powdered sunscreen junkie. There’s no forgetting the SPF anymore, because it’s become a permanent staple in my beauty routine. It was as simple as switching out my compressed Neutrogena shine control powder for sunscreen powder. Why not kill two birds with one stone (figuratively speaking, of course), right?

I’m currently using e.l.f.’s brand, which is super budget friendly. It’s perfect because it’s SPF 45, which works for both everyday at the office and outdoor use. The only issue I’ve had so far is that it only comes in one color. I’m fair skinned anyways, but I know this can make some darker ladies look a bit pale. All in all though, I’m loving this little discovery.

I’ll leave a link to the e.l.f. brand as well as a few others ya’ll might like below!

What do you think? Would you try powdered sunscreen? Spill!