Easy(ish) DIY Flower Crown

To be honest, I’ve never really enjoyed DIY projects.


Seriously though. I was always that kid who would rather forego the grueling hours spent working on a project in exchange for simply buying an even nicer version online or at the store. If it was something I genuinely enjoyed doing, like making pinch pots (ha!), then I had no problem giving it a go. But if the DIY experience was just so-so? No thanks. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, needless to say I was pretty surprised when I got the urge to DIY a flower crown the other day. I think it mostly comes down to the fact that I simply wasn’t willing to spend the money on something that would be worthless in a few days (assuming I opted for fresh flowers). So what did I do? I went out and dropped $30(!!!) on some silk flowers (I still wasn’t interested in buying something that would wilt in a  few days, regardless of if I was DIYing or not) and decided to get a little artsy. Here’s to trial and error…

The first thing I did once I unwrapped all of the goods was figure out how I wanted to arrange the flowers. I knew when I was shopping for the flowers that I wanted a symmetrical layout featuring three large pink roses, so I popped off some of the buds on the green flowers and started to fill in the gaps.

I then grabbed my hemp and measured my head. Please, please please leave some extra room when you do the measuring. The crown will get tighter as you attach the flowers and believe me, you do NOT want the stems or wire jabbing you in the scalp.

Once I cut the hemp I measured out the wire accordingly. When choosing a wire, look for the thicker options. This will make your crown sturdier overall and help to keep the flowers secure.

I then cut the flowers off their “vines”, leaving about a two inch stem to wrap my wire around. Many tutorials recommend following up by wrapping the stems in floral tape, but this isn’t necessarily a mandatory step if you’re working with fake flowers, especially roses. However, this did come in handy with my smaller green flowers, as each little bud was on a separate stem growing from the main one that I’d be wrapping the wire around once I wanted to secure it to my crown.

FYI: If this is your first time assembling a flower crown, it may be beneficial to stick with fake flowers until you grasp the basics. I know that if I had been working with real flowers, I definitely would’ve ended up destroying them in the process of connecting them to the crown. It’s a lot harder than it looks!

After I taped my green flower clusters together I began to attach each stem to the hemp by wrapping and securing the wire. It’ important to coil the wire tightly around each stem and secure the stem horizontally. This prevents the stem from sticking out straight and consequently nailing you in the scalp when you put on the crown. I did this until my ensemble was done and finished it with a sturdy knot in the back.

Also note: cut your wire longer than the length you want your flowers to span. Since you’re coiling it, you’ll run out fast.

Feel free to comment below with any questions! I tried to make things as straightforward as possible, but venturing into the world of DIY projects is always a challenge for me *sigh*.

Got any tricks when it comes to making flower crowns? Any other (easy) DIY projects I should try?