GRADUATION!! + The most Important Lessons I Learned in College

Well friends, I did something big this past weekend.

I graduated from college.

It still feels very surreal — and thinking of myself as a “college graduate” honestly feels kind of creepy, haha.

That being said, I’m beyond happy.

In fact, the quote “Dobby is a free elf” keeps popping into my head. Because now, as cliche as it sounds, I’m free. Free to do whatever it is I want. No homework, due dates, exams, etc. to answer to.

I’m not under the illusion that the working adult work is all rainbows and flowers ya know, but it still feels good to move into this chapter of my life nonetheless.

Though I’m excited for leave college in my rearview mirror, I’d be a fool (and a liar) if I told you I didn’t learn a few things while I was there. And they might just surprise you, since I think college ultimately impacted me even more on a personal and individual level than on an academic level (though I of course learned lots while earning my marketing degree, too!). Here it goes:

Lesson No. 1: The decision itself is hard, but changing your trajectory is not.

If I had a dollar for every time I felt indecisive about a potential change in my life, I’d be a V. rich lady. After all, there’s no doubt it’s challenging to make moves, whether they’re related to a relationship, career opportunity, college major, hobby, etc. However, once you make the decision to actually make a change in your life, you’ve typically completed the most difficult part of the whole process. At least that’s how it was in my case.

For example, when I decided to broaden my scope and switch from a journalism major to a marketing student, I was scared. I debated if it was something I really wanted to do, until one day I just snapped and did it. I was so inspired and excited by the decision I’d finally made, that it immediately felt like a no-brainer, natural choice. This affirmation helped propel me into my new coursework and succeed throughout the rest of my college career.

Lesson No. 2: Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I love this saying, and nothing has taught me the reality of it more than college. I really pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone at school, and I think this is something that everyone has to do to at least some degree while away at college. You’re thrown into a pool of total strangers and expected to make friends, and most people don’t realize they have the ability to actually communicate with randos and network until it becomes an absolute necessity. There’s also an uncomfortableness to joining new clubs and embarking on new experiences.

The bottom line is this:

If you’re not pushing your comfort zone, you’re probably not growing very much as a person. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Lesson No. 3: The world keeps on turning.

Sometimes, things happen in our lives that seem to make time stand still. How will we ever get over outgrowing our high school BFF or peacing out of that relationship that just isn’t doing much for us anymore, after years of comfort & togetherness? It’s simple: the world keeps on turning. Sh*t happens and things change. Embrace it, & find the good in every situation!

Lesson No. 4: You don’t need to figure your entire life out in your twenties.

It’s so easy (for me at least) to start planning out years in advance, panicking when I can’t envision exactly what my future will look like. Here’s the thing though…you have your entire life to figure out your entire life. Just figure out the next best move, and you’ll be golden.

So, do YOU have any words of wisdom from your own college experience? Please spill it in the comments!