The Weekend Edit: A Windstorm, Birthday Festivities & Our New Puppy

“The Weekend Edit” is a recurring series on The Blonde Chiffon designed to give readers a behind the scenes look at our weekend shenanigans. Tune in every Monday for a complete recap on what we did — and trust me, no week’s the same as the last!


First off, thanks to all of ya’ll who stopped by last week to check out the first ever “Weekend Edit”. I really enjoyed getting a bit more personal with you guys, and I got a generous amount of positive feedback to boot!

But let’s talk about this weekend, shall we?

I mean, it was kind of a big deal since R. turned 21…on Sunday.

So it obviously wasn’t the wildest time haha, but we had a lot of fun going midnight bowling and eating too much cookie cake on Saturday night. For those of ya who don’t know, Richard’s interning in Pittsburgh this semester, so I really didn’t care what we did this weekend as long as we could spend it together.

Richard also brought along our new puppy, Pixie, who you’ve probably seen if you follow along on Insta or Snap. I haven’t gotten around to doing a full blog post on the little monster yet (I will though soon), but for now all you need to know is that she’s a sassy AF three-month-old Pom-Chi who’s quickly become BFF’s with the whole dog gang at my place.

[FYI: I also have a 6 y.o. great dane, Rex, and a 1 y.o. lab/pitt mix, Brooke]

As they say, two is a crowd; three is a party…So yes, it was a little chaotic having three dogs in the house, but it was sweet to see them all getting along, especially with Brooke and Rex constantly fawning over the pup.

brooke brooke Pixie Pixie rex rex

In other news though, due to a terrible storm last week, I came home on Friday to no wifi!!!

#FirstWorldProbs, right?

Thank god our power was on and we were just experiencing outages with the tv and internet services, but it was still quite a shock. I almost ended up writing this post on the salon’s free wifi while I got a pedicure, LOL. I was also only getting this pedicure because I had a coupon to get one for free, so you could say I was really trying to get a bang for my buck. #classy

All in all though, it was a good 48 hours. My mom and I took Richard out to breakfast Sunday morning before he had to head back to the ‘Burgh, and I had the best potato pancakes EVER. The rest of the day was spent doing miscellaneous tasks around the house, bumming around because Richard had to leave, and shooting for a new collaboration that’s also going live soon.

Now it’s back to the grind again this week, but I’ll lowkey be watching too much Reign, since I’m technically on spring break. However, I’m definitely going to knock out this week’s “Weekly Dose of Inspiration” ASAP, so it can go out on time Tuesday.

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Have a great week!

And do tell, what was the most fun thing you did this weekend?