5 Healthy Snacks That are Perfect for the Airport

Am I the only one who finds it unbearably difficult to eat healthy while traveling? There’s just so many temptations, and there’s often not much time between flights to really weigh out all of the options. That being said, it’s still super important to me to eat well while en route. After all, there’s nothing that makes me quite as grumpy as running around all day totally un-fueled and sluggish from a lack of real food. Sounds gross, right?

Since we’re flying to Orlando today for a quick stint at Disney (to be followed by a stay in Ft. Myers and some time at an all-inclusive in Jamaica afterwards), now feels like the perfect time to share a few of my favorite airport snacks. You can bet I’ll be whipping them out on the flight this afternoon, ha!

If you do have time to eat before you head to the airport though, make sure you prep this healthy burrito bowl. I swear it’ll keep you full all morning/afternoon/whatevs.

As for the snacks…while these lil’ bites aren’t 100 percent nutritious (hello, Milanos), they’re certainly better than what you’d find at the airport, and should tide you over until you can get some quality food & drink at your final destination. Because I know that for me, I’d rather wait to splurge until I’m actually on vacation. The rock hard starchy bagels and tiny cream cheese at the stands at the airport? No thank you, sir.

SO, not worth it.

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Alight, so let’s get into this, shall we?

1. skinny pop popcorn

There’s a special place in my heart for Skinny Pop. At just 100 calories per bag, it is the perfect salty snack. It totally nixes my cravings when I see junk at the airport that I *think* I want (even though I know I’ll regret it later, when it tastes like cardboard). I also love that they sell the mini 100 calorie bags of this snack, which are so convenient for traveling.

2. dark chocolate milanos

You know how they say diamonds are a girl’s BFF? Well, Dark Chocolate Milanos are mine. These suckers are so light that I never feel too guilty about eating them. They’re only 110 calories per serving size (two cookies) too, which is perfect for when you’re having a bit of a sweet tooth. Like Skinny Pop, these Milanos also come in individual packages, which make them a great airport snack.

3. snap pea crisps

Snap Pea Crisps are a huge staple in my apartment, since they’re another light, saltyish snack. They also come in a variety of flavors (though I prefer the lightly salted), and are perfect for munching on during a layover or on a flight.

4. raw, unsalted almonds

We all know that almonds are pretty much a go-to superfood these days, and it’s rightfully so. They’re filling and contain lots of healthy fats and other nutrients that are perfect for getting you through a grueling day of traveling. Make sure you grab the raw, unsalted kind though! My dad and Richard love the cans of flavored nuts, but a lot of them contain pretty nasty ingredients that kind of defeat the purpose of consuming this health food.

5. granola/protein bars

I don’t typically eat protein or granola bars, because they tend to be so laden with sugar and other added ingredients (even though they appear to be healthy!). However, traveling definitely constitutes as an appropriate time to keep these bars handy. They’re easy to pack and beat a lot of airport food by a long shot, so why not keep a few in your carry on? I like this brand, because all of their bars taste flipping delicious, but check out the nutrition labels before you commit to any of these snacks.

(Thinking of doing a granola bar showdown in the future where we compare all the different popular brands to see which are actually nutritious like they brand themselves to be? Interested?)

So, what are your go-to airport snacks? Would you rather just say ‘to hell with it…’ and eat airport food? Spill!