How to Darken Your Eyelashes at Home for a Bold Makeup Look

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Though every now and then I’ll go to the salon and experiment with some high/lowlights, I’ve pretty much been a natural blonde my entire life. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and it’s even saved my butt on a few occasions when I’ve forgotten to shave my legs last minute. That being said, one downside of having naturally light hair is also having corresponding fair eyelashes. With almost every trend in the beauty industry aiming to highlight a woman’s eyes, it gets real obvious when us blondies skimp on mascara for the day.

Lately though, I’ve been using the new Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara, which contains a semi-permanent lash tint that builds over time.

I’ve been using it to darken mine for the last two weeks and, needless to say, I love it. The tint may look subtle due to some lighting differences in the photos I took before and after using the product for two weeks, but my once blonde lashes are absolutely dark now. You can recognize the blonde tint in my before photo by comparing my lashes to my blonde eyebrows. This definitely is not the case anymore, which makes me so happy! I love that my lashes stand out now even without any mascara on. You guys know I love my makeup, but going au naturale feels pretty good now too.

In addition to trying the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara, I purchased a few other Rimmel products at Target the other day too, all in the spirit of creating a dark eye makeup tutorial. It’s so fun to play with different features and really make your favorites pop, so here’s a few quick and easy steps to try when you’re looking to draw some attention to your eyes:

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Step One: Fill in brows

I just started filling in my brows recently after watching some new makeup tutorials, and I have no idea why I didn’t start sooner (except for the fact that I neglected waxing them for months ((see the before photo above for a good laugh)), so this was not an area that I’ve wanted to draw attention to until recently — ha!). The Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil is seriously the easiest tool to use, and it gives your eyebrows just the right amount of definition, which is super important if you have light features like me. To apply, I just color the shape of my brows with the pencil very lightly. There’s no need to press too hard or go overboard. The color I’m using in this tutorial is 001 Dark Brown, but I honestly could have gone a shade or two lighter, since my eyebrows are blonde.

Step Two: apply top liner

I usually only wear eyeliner for special occasions, but boy do I love it when I do. I don’t typically do anything crazy with my top liner, but just line the bottom of my top eyelids from the middle to the outside. It looks a little strange at first only lining half of your eyelid, but it looks much better than lining the entire length, especially once you’ve put mascara on. In this tutorial, I’m using Rimmel Colour Precise Eyeliner in 001 Black Noir, which glides on seamlessly and stays put all day. This eyeliner is especially perfect for lining your top eyelids since it’s a pen, which provides much more adjustability than what I’m using below on my bottom lids.

Step Three: Apply Bottom Liner

Like I said, I only wear eyeliner on special occasions, but it’s a great tool for playing up your eyes. Simply pull down gently on your bottom lid, and line right above your bottom eyelashes along the very top of that bottom eyelid. I like to use Rimmel Exaggerate Smoke N’ Shine in 001 Little Black Smokey for this part. The pencil is so easy to use, and I’ve also found that this type of gel liner stays put the best over pencils and other variations of eyeliner.

Step Four: apply mascara

Though you may not follow each step in this tutorial every day, you’ll want to apply the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara every day for at least two to four weeks to get the full effects of the product. However, the tapered brush does help your eyelashes to look fuller and longer instantly, so don’t worry about having to wear it consistently for a few weeks. I actually started looking forward to it — ha! This step also completes the dark eyes look, which looks pretty silly without any mascara.

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So, would you guys ever darken your eyelashes at home with Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara? I love that the process is just a part of my daily makeup routine, and that all I have to do is simply wear mascara every day for a few weeks to tint my eyelashes hassle free. No fancy (sometimes dangerous) spa treatments for this chica.

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Don’t forget to let me know in the comments what you think about at-home eyelash tinting and what your experience was like if you’ve tried it too!