Prom Beauty checklist

It’s that time of year again — prom season. Call me a little ridiculous, but I still get pumped despite the fact that my high school days are long gone. It’s always fun seeing some younger friends’ and family get all dressed up, and it’s just as enjoyable to reminisce, especially since Richard and I had two proms together!

That being said, there are definitely a few things that I wish I had known back then (like the fact that Richard would accidentally RIP MY DRESS at junior prom…I had to get all safety pinned up by my teachers. Lol. My awkward life.)…okay, a LOT of things, but we’re talking beauty essentials today.

And if you’re a big kid like me who’s already had her last high school hoorah? Trust me, you’ll still want to read on. I guarantee you’ll thank me later when you’re heading to your next wedding or other formal, dance-heavy event (because it you’re not on the dance floor, you’re doing wrong):

1. get a good skincare system

Between figuring out hair, dresses, makeup, etc., a good skincare system is something that I saw SO many girls (including myself) miss out on. Think about it, the clearer your skin, the less you have to focus foundation, and the more you can play around with that smokey eye or bold lip. When my prom rolled around, I didn’t think about skincare until it was way overdue. I already had breakouts, which kept on coming up until the day of the dance, because I had either been sleeping with my makeup on (never, ever do this) or washing my face with whatever I could find.

It. Was. A. Friggin’. Disaster.

I wish I could fast forward to now, because I finally found a system that is a keeper. OXY kindly gifted me some products from their 28 day skincare system awhile back, and I am not only loving the results, but the whole mantra behind the system. Basically, instead of stressing quick fixes and aggressive, peel-yo’-face-off solutions, OXY’s program is 28 days. The company has done it’s research, and has built the entire system off the fact that dermatologists say that it can take anywhere from four to eight weeks to achieve the best results using acne medications. They’re all about taking it in stride, which I love.

And did I mention there’s an app? Nifty, right? OXY has an acne care level for regimen for each level of acne, and you can log right onto the app (available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play) to get your 28 day plan and take the challenge to clearer skin. There’s even daily alerts to keep you on track, and a money-back guarantee (on the products, the app is free).

Also, for more info on OXY skincare, follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Oh poor little acne ridden 16-year-old me…how I’ve learned.

2. stock up on Dry Shampoo

At this point, you guys know how much I love dry shampoo. I’m kind of obsessed, and if you use it too, you know why. It’s also a great option if you’re wearing your hair down to prom. Curls will start to fall flat as the night goes on, so carry a small bottle in your purse to freshen up mid-evening. It smells good, and will give substitute for any volume you might lose while dancing. It’s also great a great trick to looking fresh at the afterparty.

3. Try Cream Blush

 I was super skeptical about trying cream blush palettes, but I wish I had sooner! I love the slightly dewey look, and the color is more prominent and long lasting than powder. Prom is a perfectly appropriate time to opt for bolder looks and incorporate some color, so don’t be afraid! You also want a look that will last all night, so this is a great route to go in general, even if you choose a lighter tone of cream blush. Simply swipe a bit (you don’t need a lot) onto the apples of your cheeks using your index finger, and then blend with a brush. If you’re working with a bolder color: Don’t freak out. You may look like a clown for a hot sec after you initially apply the blush with your finger, but it will blend when you use the brush!

4. Pack facial spray & blotting papers

I actually did pack blotting papers when I went to prom, which were a godsend. They’re everything in case you start to sweat on the dance floor or get a little too dewey. I do wish I had packed facial spray though. This is another goodie if you’re starting to sweat, because it’ll help you cool off. Your date might even appreciate it too 😉 And don’t worry, the mist won’t ruin your makeup. It’s super fine, and can actually revive the color. Not to mention, it’s a great tool for blending, so keep a makeup sponge in your purse too in case anything goes awry and you’re in need of a quick fix.

5. Confidence

Too cliche? Never. No matter if you’re headed to prom, a wedding, or just sitting on your living room couch, don’t forget your most valuable asset: your confidence. No skincare, makeup, or dry shampoo can have near the impact on your beauty as a happy and confident smile.

Anyone headed to prom soon? Is there anything you wish you had known? Do tell!