The Perfect First Date: Guy’s Vs. Girl’s

TGIF! I hope you all enjoyed last week’s “Feature Friday” and are geared up for today’s edition. Last Friday Richard covered the college hookup culture, and this week *insert drumroll here*…we’re talking THE PERFECT DATE. Oh boy. I’ve been really excited about sharing this post with ya’ll, because Richard and I are joining forces and comparing our ideal first date. We want to give you guys the lowdown on dating and show how similar/different guy’s vs. girl’s expectations can be (even for a couple who has been dating for almost three years). Oh, and make sure to stop back every Friday for more from Richard!

P.S. We answered these questions completely separately, so the differences/similarities are totally unfiltered! 

Describe your perfect first date:

HH: My perfect first date starts before the guy even picks me up. He needs to make sure to tell me what kind of attire I should wear not only so I look on point, but also so I don’t feel awkwardly under/overdressed. He would then pick me up from my house on time (punctuality says a lot about a person) and would be a total gentlemen, opening the car door for me and helping me if I’m in heels/a dress. I’m an extreme person, so he’d either take me somewhere very low-key (but with great food, of course) or somewhere really nice. I’d prefer he takes me somewhere I’ve never been before, because that makes it really memorable and fun!

After dinner, we’d go do something else where we can still interact and get to know each other. I’d love to go go karting or to an arcade (I’m old school like that), because we can get competitive and be entertained. I def don’t want to go to the movies on a first date, because I feel super pressured! Do I let him buy me candy (of course)? Is he going to hold my hand/put his arm around me? What if he doesn’t? What does that mean? What do I do? Way too much to think about on a first date. I love the movies, but I want to get to know someone and become comfortable around them first.

RM: A perfect first date would have to start with a question and end with the person who is being asked saying yes. It doesn’t matter if the guy or girl does the asking.

Then I would pick the girl up at her place, even open the car door for her. I’d then take her to the restaurant of choice. I would choose a local restaurant over a chain, because it for some reason seems more romantic to me. At dinner, there HAS to be talking, and hopefully we get to sit across from each other. The girl has to actually eat something, and not be nervous to eat in front of me. I pay for dinner, just because it’s traditional and gentleman like. At the conclusion of dinner, ice cream is where we would go next.

While eating ice cream, I don’t worry about it dripping on my hand or giving myself an ice cream stache. It’s funny! That’s how it should be. Laughter is always a good sign. After ice cream we’d go see a movie — one that we both will like. If I don’t like the description of the movie all that much, I won’t be afraid to say something. The date is supposed to be fun, not something I am dragged through. At the conclusion of the movie, if it’s not too late, we’d maybe find a place to just sit and talk. A coffee shop or even just an open field, a blanket and laying under the stars. Then I would take her home. If I felt comfortable enough and the date went well, I would kiss her goodnight and say we should do it again sometime soon.

How can you prevent an awkward first date?

HH: I think it’s important to just be genuine and easygoing. Nothing is more awkward than when someone is just trying way to hard to make everything perfect. Despite the fact that I have a pretty elaborate “perfect first date” in mind, it doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t go as planned. Spontanaity is fun. Oh, and he would have to laugh at my jokes/sarcasm. That’s a must. Otherwise that gets awksauce pretty darn quick.

RM: I really think that the best way to make a first date not awkward is to just be yourself, because the fact that you’re on a date at all shows that your original personality is what made them want to go out with you. When people start trying to act perfect and the way they think their date would really want is when things get awkward because they are not being themselves.

What makes a first date memorable?

HH: What makes a date memorable to me (for the right reasons) is if he’s able to get my mind off of my daily life. I am a very busy person with a lot of commitments and drive, so I’m not going to forget about a date who makes me laugh and helps me escape my lovely (but oh so busy) reality for a few hours.

RM: The most memorable part of a first date would probably have to be when you look at the person and you can look in their eyes and just know it is love at first sight.

[Editor’s Note: Wow, Richard can be more romantic than me, HA!]

Okay, 5 seconds to answer each question now. This or that?

Seafood or steakhouse?

HH: Seafood

RM: Steakhouse

Movies or bowling?

HH: Movies (even though I wouldn’t choose the movies for a first date, I don’t really enjoy bowling!)

RM: Bowling

Casual or dressy?

HH: Dressy

RM: Dressy

Coffee or lunch?

HH: Lunch

RM: Lunch, because food makes everything better.

Action film or rom com?

HH: Rom com all day, every day.

RM: I want to say action movie because I would prefer that, but for a first date romantic comedy.

Guy pays or go dutch? 

HH: Guy pays

RM: Guy pays

Pick up or meet up?

HH: Pick up! Doesn’t feel like a real date to me otherwise.

RM: Pick up

Day or night?

HH: Night

RM: Night

Kiss or no kiss? 

HH: No kiss

RM: Maybe? Too nervous

Clearly, even for Richard and I, there are differing preferences/expectations for a perfect first date. While a lot of this just comes down to personality and personal preference, it’s fun to look at the differences between guy’s and girl’s expectations of the perfect first date, because it’s easy to see that they can be totally different!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post, and make sure to tune in next Friday!