Iced Chai for a Skinny Betch

So remember how I told you guys my iced coffee addiction was getting a little out of hand? For the past few weeks I’ve been brainstorming and taste testing some new recipes, and I’ve finally been able to curb my lil’ craving with…you guessed it: iced chai lattes.

Before you beeline to your local Starbucks, note that I’m not talking about the heavy cream and sugar loaded chais in stores, but a lighter, homemade and more organic derivation of this classic favorite.

Follow these few simple steps for a skinny morning treat to keep you powered all day:


 ♥ 1 tbs. honey

♥ 2 bags chai tea

♥ Almond Milk

♥ Cinnamon


♥ Night before: Boil three cups of water, steep chai tea, fill ice cube tray and leave chai ice cubes to freeze overnight

♥ Steep another 3 cups of chai tea

♥ Add almond milk (to taste)

♥ Stir in one tablespoon of honey

♥ Top with a dash of cinnamon

♥ Enjoy!

How do you curb coffee cravings? When do say “f%#* it” and just indulge? 

Have a lovely day!