Decorating the Tree

The holiday season is always a blast at my house. Whether we’re jamming out to “Jingle Bell Rock”, watching our favorite Christmas movies (The Polar Express all the way!), or enjoying a cup of mint hot chocolate, we’re content because we’re making time for each other during the busiest  time of the year. Perhaps this is one reason why tree decorating seems so special. That, and it only comes around once every 365 days.

This season, my mother came home with unexpected decor for the tree. I was astonished at the huge moose head she bought that simply gets wedged in between branches when it comes time to decorate. Though I was unsure at first, it looks stellar and is sure to be a conversation piece when we have guests over for the holiday.

I was also thrilled when I found a set of three golden bird nest decorations at the store. I simply could not say no to the glitter. Usually we stick to the same decorations each year, but implementing a few new pieces made decorating even more exciting this year.

Hope you all are enjoying the season! Does your family like to stick to tradition or switch it up when decorating for the holidays?

Also, stay tuned for my next post detailing how to create the perfect holiday mantle!