The Blonde Chiffon Fort Meyers City Guide

From my Instagram posts, some of you may have put together that I was in Fort Meyers last week. I can truly say it was a vacation much needed, and am so excited to share in these upcoming weeks what I’ve been working on! For now though, here’s a recap of my adventures and some suggestions for the next time you visit Fort Meyers, Florida:

I didn’t have the chance to eat at this taco shack at Fort Meyers Becah, but I wanted to capture it anyways. I love the “Keep Calm and Taco On” sign!

Ever had homemade organic gelato? Well let me tell you, it’s a must. Adelheidi’s Organic Sweets in Naples, Florida is both delicious and health conscious. In addition to gelato, the shop offers a variety of organic candies, which you can enjoy at a quaint table for two.

What’s a trip to Florida without the beautiful palms?

I love the pier at Fort Meyers Beach. Fishing is open to everyone and the birds are super friendly! There’s also a cute beachy shop as you walk along the dock.

A look at the bustling Fort Meyers Beach from the pier.

I love starting the day out with a green smoothie. The beautiful view was just a bonus!