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Staying fit in college isn’t easy. There’s temptation after temptation (late night pizza & wings binge, anyone?), not to mention the challenge of balancing coursework, a job, and a social life. I was lucky enough to avoid the “freshman fifteen” my first year at school, though this was mostly due to the fact that the only edible food in the dining halls happened to be salad and other veggies. However, I have cultivated a workout routine that has worked wonders for me over the past few years and that I look forward post grad as well.

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Well friends, I did something big this past weekend. 

I graduated from college. 

It still feels very surreal — and thinking of myself as a “college graduate” honestly feels kind of creepy, haha.

That being said, I’m beyond happy. 

In fact, the quote “Dobby is a free elf” keeps popping into my head. Because now, as cliche as it sounds, I’m free. Free to do whatever it is I want. No homework, due dates, exams, etc. to answer to.

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Hi all.

So I’m back from my three-day girls trip to the Adirondacks, and let me tell you…it was so needed. First of all, we had an entire free week to burn before graduation. In other words, why the hell not shack up at a dude ranch in the mountains for a few days? 

Secondly though, I think all lady gangs should do this kind of a thang more often. Getting away from the hustle & bustle for a few days was honestly priceless. We particularly loved the place that we stayed, because it was all-inclusive. Therefore, all of our meals and activities were included with our lodging. We had ZERO things to worry/stress/overthink/plan about. 

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With the athleisure trend in full swing, I’m really vibing on casual pieces lately. I finally invested in a pair of Adidas sneakers a few months ago, which have really stepped up my game. And I don’t even care that everybody and their mother has a pair at this point, because they’re SO. DAMN. COMFORTABLE. 

Seriously, just try ’em on. This pair is loaded with memory foam, so it’s legit like you’re walking on a cloud. I straight wear them at least a few days per week, simply because they’re so comfy and go with pretty much anything. 

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I won’t lie, I’ve been on a bit of a sugary/greasy food bender for the past few (!) weeks.

[Hence why I told ya’ll about my plans to join a gym stat, here.]

Since finals week, my girlfriends and I have been livin’ it up on Wendy’s frostys & fries, cheese balls, coconut cake, + basically any other nasty-ass food you can think of. 

It’s gross. I KNOW. 

I never put on the freshman fifteen, so maybe it’ll just be the senior 15 instead, all compounded in the two weeks prior to graduation, haha! #cantescapeit

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Earlier this week, I shared with ya’ll some of my thoughts on graduating. It’s honestly a bit of a weird time, and overall it’s bittersweet. But want to know what I absolutely, hands down HATE? 

Having to move my entire life out of my apartment and back home.

This is coming from someone who hauled a literal trailer to campus with all of her stuff in it at the beginning of last year. There was that much.

So yeah. Moving out is a sick freaking joke at this point. 

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Our last day of classes was Friday, and I’m officially done with exams this Wednesday. 

How in the world am I graduating in less than two weeks?!

It sounds so cliche, but it really does feel like it was just yesterday that I was packing for orientation, stressing about finding a roommate, gagging over the nasty dining hall meals, etc. It’s amazing how time seems to move so slowly day by day, until all of the sudden everything seems like a complete whirlwind and it’s all moving too fast! It’s honestly hard to fully enjoy these last few weeks at school just knowing that it’s almost over in the back of my mind.

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