Earlier this week, I shared with ya’ll some of my thoughts on graduating. It’s honestly a bit of a weird time, and overall it’s bittersweet. But want to know what I absolutely, hands down HATE? 

Having to move my entire life out of my apartment and back home.

This is coming from someone who hauled a literal trailer to campus with all of her stuff in it at the beginning of last year. There was that much.

So yeah. Moving out is a sick freaking joke at this point. 

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Our last day of classes was Friday, and I’m officially done with exams this Wednesday. 

How in the world am I graduating in less than two weeks?!

It sounds so cliche, but it really does feel like it was just yesterday that I was packing for orientation, stressing about finding a roommate, gagging over the nasty dining hall meals, etc. It’s amazing how time seems to move so slowly day by day, until all of the sudden everything seems like a complete whirlwind and it’s all moving too fast! It’s honestly hard to fully enjoy these last few weeks at school just knowing that it’s almost over in the back of my mind.

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So, perhaps you’ve read this post, where I told ya’ll about the little hurricane warning we had in NY last week…

Sounds like fun, huh? 

We’re obviously *quite* ready for summer over here in the East Coast, so I just couldn’t resist putting together a little warm weather roundup to get in the spirit. I’m loving all the pom poms and tropical prints this season, despite the fact that I’m trying to keep away from such bright pieces (I wear ’em once and get bored). I can’t wait to just lay out in the sun all weekend though — with SPF like 1 million on of course, b/c I’m a psycho bitch about preventing wrinkles.

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SWEATER (*) || TOP (*) || JEANS (*) || BAG (*) || SHOES

Unfortunately, it’s still sweater weather here in NY.

In fact, we had a literal tornado warning on Monday night.

WTF East Coast.


Can you see I’m a bity salty about this ‘lil predicament here? I’m a person whose mood is definitely affected by the weather, so the constant grayness outside is quite underhwelming. How’s a girl supposed to stay creative (which is essentially us bloggers’ bread & butter) when it’s downright gloomy out?

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DRESS || BOOTS || GLASSES (*) || BAG (*)

You guys know I love me a good deal. After all, I did write a whole post on how to afford designer clothes in college. And ICYMI, that really translates to: how to afford designer clothes when you’re broke as sh*t


Seriously though, I get a good laugh every time I see a fashion blogger advertising a “sale”, where her favorite picks are “just *insert absurd price here*. To each her own…but I refuse to drop $50 for a t-shirt (cue “Thrift Shop”).

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TOTE || SWEATER (*) || JEANS (*) || SHIRT (*) || SHOES (*)

Ahh productivity. It’s a tricky thing, isn’t it? These days, I’m distracted by just about anything and everything, and I sometimes find myself wasting the day away on miscellaneous tasks, only to be forced to stay up late at night in order to get actual work done. It’s terrible! 

As they say, “Do something instead of killing time, because time is killing you.” A bit morbid, but accurate — right?

Lately I’ve been implementing a few strategies to get my head back in the game, and they’ve been working so well that I just had to share with you guys, too. 

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For some reason, I never plan my Easter outfit out too far ahead. I’ve seen a number of bloggers dressed to the nines in gorgeous floral numbers and other festive frocks for the past few weeks, but I’m more of a last-minute kind of gal. I also don’t love some of the stiffer looking pieces — you know the dresses that just look kind of hard to breathe/move around in? 

Instead, I’m taking more of a lax approach to my Easter attire this year and opting for my favorite flowy pastel maxi skirt. It’s easy to style (#lazygirlapproved), and is absolutely killer if you’re looking for something that just screams “Easter weekend”. 

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