NYC Her Conference Recap

Comin’ at you guys from the airport, where I’m waiting for my flight home that somehow keeps repeatedly getting delayed…Don’t ya just HATE that? It also doesn’t help that I’m a psycho and got here 194820189 hours early… Anyways though, if you’ve been following along here, you probably already know that I’ve been in NYC for the past few days. Though I’ll take almost any opportunity to visit the city that I can, this weekend was specifically dedicated to Her Conference. And for those of you who haven’t heard of this totally badass, girl powered event — get with the program. Stat. Her Conference is a two-day program put on by the media organization Her Campus. In summary, HC brings in dozens of movers, shakers, & doers of the media world (LIKE former editor-and-chief of Seventeen Magazine Ann Shoket, for example), to speak, inspire, & teach young women all about…

VIDEO: The Vampire Diaries 2017 NJ Convention Recap

Wow guys, it’s *finally* here! I’ve been working on this post for so long, I actually started to wonder myself when I was ever going to publish it. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day…am I right? For those of you who follow along on Insta though, you’re already familiar with my recent trip to New Jersey two weekends ago. You’ve even gotten to see some real-time coverage of the event and a few shirtless TVD hotties I managed to sneak pics of for my story while I was at the con (buuuuuuut…stay tuned cause I’m about to get to the BTS deets 😉 ). For those of you who don’t know much about this little weekend getaway though, let me clue you in. Basically, one of my closest friends, Lia, and I lived together for the past two years at college. Neither of us were super into “going out”,…

How to Plan the Best Girls Trip Ever + Adirondack Dude Ranch Recap

Hi all.

So I’m back from my three-day girls trip to the Adirondacks, and let me tell you…it was so needed. First of all, we had an entire free week to burn before graduation. In other words, why the hell not shack up at a dude ranch in the mountains for a few days? 

Secondly though, I think all lady gangs should do this kind of a thang more often. Getting away from the hustle & bustle for a few days was honestly priceless. We particularly loved the place that we stayed, because it was all-inclusive. Therefore, all of our meals and activities were included with our lodging. We had ZERO things to worry/stress/overthink/plan about. 

The Weekend Edit: 36 Hours in Pittsburgh

Ahh another week, another “Weekend Edit”.

This weekend was particularly fun, because I was in Pittsburgh visiting Richard & Pixie, our little Chi-Pom (Chihuahua x Pomeranian) pup. I wasn’t able to stay long, since I had class this morning, but the short little vacay was much needed and appreciated. 

Also: for those of ya who don’t know, R. is stationed in PA this semester for an internship, while I’m here in New York finishing up my undergrad degree. So, even just 36 hours spent together is better than nothing!

5 Healthy Snacks That are Perfect for the Airport

Am I the only one who finds it unbearably difficult to eat healthy while traveling? There’s just so many temptations, and there’s often not much time between flights to really weigh out all of the options. That being said, it’s still super important to me to eat well while en route. After all, there’s nothing that makes me quite as grumpy as running around all day totally un-fueled and sluggish from a lack of real food. Sounds gross, right?…

St. Martin Travel Guide

The view of the beach from the Sonesta Ocean Point all-inclusive resort Seafood! How is it that I’m just getting around to writing this post? Though I’ve only been home a few weeks, it feels like it’s been ages since I was basking in the beautiful sun in St. Martin. My trip totaled 12 days on the island, five of which were spent at an intimate all-inclusive resort (see my review here), and the rest of which were spent in an amazing four bedroom home overlooking Oyster Bay. If there’s one thing I have to say about St. Martin, it’s that you MUST go there at some point in your life. It’s seriously one of my favorite destinations ever, and I swear I’m already planning another trip back. Here’s a little look at why: Why St. Martin is a Must-See 1. It’s Relatively Safe Of course there’s crime almost anywhere…

#TBCTRAVELREVIEW: Sonesta Ocean Point (Saint Martin)

One of the beautiful pools and mock beaches, as well as the Azul restaurant If you follow along on Insta, Snapchat (@hollyhabeck), or Twitter — you know that I’ve been living it up in Saint Martin for the past week. And ever since I arrived, I’ve been spending most of my time at the Sonesta Ocean Point all-inclusive resort, which is located on the Dutch side of the island. Since I travel quite a bit, I’ve decided to start a review series detailing all of the ups and downs of the incredible places I visit. I’m working on a travel guide to Saint Martin (I’m here for another week renting a beautiful home overlooking Oyster Bay), but I definitely want to provide some info and a review on my all-inclusive experience, in case anyone is interested/wondering about what that’s like! Here’s the scale I’ll be using in the reviews of my…