5 Reasons You Need LISS Cardio in Your Life

After traveling for three out of the five weekends in July, I’m finally home. Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen? Not only does it feel damn good to just sleep in my own bed for a change buuuuuut, between convention life, birthday wine tours, and just stepping foot in NYC, my health & fitness routine has seriously gone to crap. I’m a strong believer that health is our greatest wealth, so I’ve been just a bit stressed out at my lack of activity and access to #cleaneats lately. Now that I actually have some time to focus on myself though, I’ve been going HAM on Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide. And so far? I. am. loving. it. 28 minute workouts? Hell to the yes, girlfraaand¬†ūüėć One of the things that I love about doing programs like this is that they teach me more about fitness and…

Weekend Bites: My Favorite Hydrating “Pi√Īa Colada” Smoothie

I won’t lie, I’ve been on a bit of a sugary/greasy food bender for the past few (!) weeks.

[Hence why I told ya’ll about my plans to join a gym stat, here.]

Since finals week, my girlfriends and I have been livin’ it up on Wendy’s frostys & fries, cheese balls, coconut cake, + basically any other nasty-ass food you can think of. 

It’s gross. I KNOW. 

I never put on the freshman fifteen, so maybe it’ll just be the senior 15 instead, all compounded in the two weeks prior to graduation, haha! #cantescapeit

February: When New Year’s Health And Fitness Resolutions Die

Think about this time last month. Odds are, you were all fired up about your New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe you were mapping out a juice cleanse or vowing¬†to dedicate two nights a week to hot yoga. There’s no doubt you’ve done amazing things in this past month for your health, but now it’s time to get down to business. February is the¬†most common drop off date for New Year’s Resolutions. Trust me, make it past this month and you’ll make it through the year. It’s all about cultivating healthy habits, and this month is crucial in reforming the way you view health and fitness. So, if you’ve been slacking off for the past few weeks or just need that extra push in the right direction, check out these tips and resources¬†below: 1. Know When You’re Hungry –¬†I know, this one sounds super obvi right? Well, believe it or not, being…

Post Thanksgiving Damage Control

So, I was casually scrolling through my Twitter feed when I saw that Elle magazine had posted a link to a¬†workout that will cancel¬†ALL¬†Thanksgiving day splurges. Naturally, I was intrigued, but mostly suspicious. Let me tell you, this @#&! is the real deal. I busted my butt testing this workout on Thanksgiving day and¬†was ready to keel over by the end. When I first reviewed the workout I thought, “Oh, only twenty minutes? Pffff…this should be easy.” Guess again. “What makes this routine so effective, though it’s just 20 minutes (yup!), is that it has you switch up your exercise every 60 seconds. This maximizes the amount of fat burned, which stimulates lean muscle building, and in turn, enhances the body’s ability to burn more calories even¬†after¬†the workout,” author Megan Cahn said. Try swapping out your normal routine for this refreshing, fast-paced workout. Though it’s strenuous, the minutes will fly…

How to Stay Fit During the Holiday Season

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure as hell have trouble staying on track this time of the year. My house is already bustling with holiday excitement, which brings with it stress and high calorie, bikini busting anti-diets. There’s a million things to think about and twice as many distractions, so I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I use to stay motivated…