8 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Inspired Fast

In lieu of a typical #MotivationalMonday edit this week, let’s talk about something a bit different — something that just so happens to be most creative entrepreneurs’ biggest frenemy. 


Whaaaat? Isn’t inspiration supposed to be my BFFL, you ask? Well, the funny thing about inspiration is that, when it’s there for you, it’s on freaking point. When it’s not though? That’s another story…

Motivational Monday: Love Thy Selfie

If I could go back in time and give my 15-year-old self one piece of advice, it would be this:

Love yourself. Always. 

I recently read the book You Are a Badass, and every single chapter ended with that reminder. The message was that important. 

Though it’s taken me many years to “master” this concept, I still feel like I’m ahead of the curve. In a world that’s dominated by social media, getting trapped in a never-ending cycle of comparison is seemingly inevitable (though, I wrote about why it doesn’t have to be here). Not to mention the fact that virtually everything nowadays is photoshopped to death. I love, love, love that raw, real life is slowly but surely becoming the new “it” thing (thank u Snapchat & Insta stories). 

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

What better way to jump into February than with a classic Valentine’s Day post? For those of ya who aren’t so much of a fan of the heart-themed holiday, I’ll warn you now — get on board. I’ve got lots of fun holiday-inspired content planned for the upcoming week, and I absolutely can’t wait to share. 

I won’t go too much into my Valentine’s Day motto here (though I’ll cover it soon, promise), but please remember, as cliche as it sounds, it’s a day to treat yo’ self! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an S.O. to buy you flowers & chocolate. It’s 2017, and I say buy ’em for your damn self — boyfriend or no boyfriend (because multiple boxes of chocolate never hurt a fly, right?). 

Motivational Monday: Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Wow, it feels like it’s been literal ages since I’ve shared a post under the tag ‘Motivational Monday’. This series was one of the first that I created on The Blonde Chiffon, yet somehow it gradually faded away. I’m still working on my New Year’s resolutions (yes, I’m aware that January is almost over), but I know that one thing I want to do is to start writing more raw, inspirational content. 

So, here’s this series’ revival. I figure, it’s 2017. Why the hell not? There’s certainly much crazier things going on in the world today. This series also gives me the chance to write more off the cuff, instead of my typical listicles & how-to posts. 

Paint it Black: 7 Dark Essentials Under $50

Lately, I’ve been very into the color black. Shoes, jackets, sweaters, you name it. All black everything, except for a bit of gray here and there. Overall though, I’m really digging the neutral colors. 

But what I don’t love? Expensive, break the bank clothing. I read some popular fashion blogs and I’m always like, that’s $50 for a t-shirt.

Thanks, but no thanks. 

Keeping it Festive With the Best, Non-Boring Holiday Playlist

Christmas is here, and the holiday sweaters are out. Did you guys catch this sequined reindeer look last week? Yeah, I’m in love. Honestly though, I think I like this sparkly red sweater (another T.J. Maxx find) even better. And don’t get me started on my latest phone case. No, it’s not X-mas themed. However, it’s sassy enough that it doesn’t have to be. It’s that amazing…

Are You an Abstainer or a Moderator? Why You Need to Know Today

If you’ve read this post where I list 5 podcasts you need in your life, you know that I love Gretchen Rubin’s show Happier. For those of you don’t know, Gretchen is a happiness expert, and she’s most widely recognized for her #1 New York Times Best Seller, The Happiness Project. In the book, Gretchen details her research on what exactly makes people happy and she recounts her year “trying to sing in the morning, clean [her] closets, fight right, read Aristotle, and generally have more fun.”…