Non-Basic July 4th Attire

July 4th is comin’ in hot. Are you guys excited? I feel like it’s kind of an overdone, cheeseball holiday in a way, but I’m pretty sure we all love it nonetheless. After all, it’s an excuse to get little wild, enjoy the water, eat an offensive amount of pasta salad, and just be high on the fact that our country made it another year. Right? Personally, I’m going to be taking it easy chilling lakeside with a glass (or three) of Moscato. I can’t wait to unwind and take a day off of work. Life has been pretty crazy lately, so I’m all about unplugging when the holiday rolls around. Though I’ll be taking a little breaky-break for at least part of the day (let’s be honest, if I don’t post at least one July 4th photo to Insta, did it even happen?), I’m still ready to get festive —…

Rewardstyle vs. Shopstyle Collective: What You Need to Know + A Downloadable List of 10 Sponsorship Networks to Join

JEANS (*) || SHIRT (*) || TRENCH (*) || BAG (*) || SHOES || CHOKERS (*) 

When I first started blogging almost three years ago, I was totally clueless. I read other blogs, but I pretty much had no idea how the whole shebang worked. 

+ If you want to see what I mean, check out my first post ever…I’d say there’s been quite an improvement, no?

Regardless, I jumped in with both feet & spent almost every night for the first year staying up until all hours researching and teaching myself everything from website design and photography, to how to land sponsorships, build an audience, earn affiliate income, increase engagement, etc. 

The Ultimate Casual Cool Look


With the athleisure trend in full swing, I’m really vibing on casual pieces lately. I finally invested in a pair of Adidas sneakers a few months ago, which have really stepped up my game. And I don’t even care that everybody and their mother has a pair at this point, because they’re SO. DAMN. COMFORTABLE. 

Seriously, just try ’em on. This pair is loaded with memory foam, so it’s legit like you’re walking on a cloud. I straight wear them at least a few days per week, simply because they’re so comfy and go with pretty much anything. 

How to Spring Clean Your Closet (+ Your Life)


Earlier this week, I shared with ya’ll some of my thoughts on graduating. It’s honestly a bit of a weird time, and overall it’s bittersweet. But want to know what I absolutely, hands down HATE? 

Having to move my entire life out of my apartment and back home.

This is coming from someone who hauled a literal trailer to campus with all of her stuff in it at the beginning of last year. There was that much.

So yeah. Moving out is a sick freaking joke at this point. 

Summer Essentials!! Everything You Need in a Nutshell…

So, perhaps you’ve read this post, where I told ya’ll about the little hurricane warning we had in NY last week…

Sounds like fun, huh? 

We’re obviously *quite* ready for summer over here in the East Coast, so I just couldn’t resist putting together a little warm weather roundup to get in the spirit. I’m loving all the pom poms and tropical prints this season, despite the fact that I’m trying to keep away from such bright pieces (I wear ’em once and get bored). I can’t wait to just lay out in the sun all weekend though — with SPF like 1 million on of course, b/c I’m a psycho bitch about preventing wrinkles.

How to Rock the Destroyed Denim Trend for Under $100

SWEATER (*) || TOP (*) || JEANS (*) || BAG (*) || SHOES

Unfortunately, it’s still sweater weather here in NY.

In fact, we had a literal tornado warning on Monday night.

WTF East Coast.


Can you see I’m a bity salty about this ‘lil predicament here? I’m a person whose mood is definitely affected by the weather, so the constant grayness outside is quite underhwelming. How’s a girl supposed to stay creative (which is essentially us bloggers’ bread & butter) when it’s downright gloomy out?

SALE ALERT: My Favorite Spring Dress Under $30

DRESS || BOOTS || GLASSES (*) || BAG (*)

You guys know I love me a good deal. After all, I did write a whole post on how to afford designer clothes in college. And ICYMI, that really translates to: how to afford designer clothes when you’re broke as sh*t


Seriously though, I get a good laugh every time I see a fashion blogger advertising a “sale”, where her favorite picks are “just *insert absurd price here*. To each her own…but I refuse to drop $50 for a t-shirt (cue “Thrift Shop”).