October Beauty Buys: 5 Products I Think You’ll Love


How is October already over?! It’s crazy to think that we’re heading into yet another holiday season, when it feels like it was just summer a hot second ago. That being said, I’m super excited to share today’s end-of-the-month post (I know it’s November 1st, but close enough right?) ☺️. October was a great month for me in terms of finding some new beauty products I love, as well as reviving some of my old go-to’s.

One of my goals is to start testing out and sharing more beauty products here on hollyhabeck.com, in addition to the increased fashion coverage. I hope that you enjoy learning more about the products I’ve been using on a regular basis each month, as I plan on making this a monthly series! You’ll be able to locate all of my monthly favorites under the beauty tab at the top of this site. Just hover over that and click on the dropdown that says “Monthly Beauty Buys“.

Now let’s start this thing off with a bang and get into the best beauty buys of October:

1. Goldwell Dualsenses Color Fade Stop Shampoo & Conditioner

My hairdresser recently recommended I start using Goldwell Dualsenses Color Fade Stop Shampoo & Conditioner as my primary hair care products. Coloring your hair can be expensive, so I definitely recommend this brand if you’re worried about fading. I’m aiming for a cooler blonde tone lately, so this is a complete essential. It also smells good, and I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews from other ladies who use it too.

2. Biore Charcoal Acne Cleanser

I’ve been on the hunt lately for a new facial cleanser, and I’ve been hearing so much about the benefits of activated charcoal that I just had to try Biore’s Charcoal Acne Cleanser. I’m loving this product because it doesn’t dry out my skin, and yet it makes me feel SO clean after using it. I’ve gotten in the bad habit of not washing my face in the morning, but I’ve actually started to do it again — just because I love the way this product feels that much.


3. Beautycounter Cleansing Balm

Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm is one of those products I mentioned that I’ve come back to after some time. I received this makeup remover in a subscription box months ago and, though I loved it, I ended up misplacing it after I moved back from college. I rediscovered this cleansing balm though, and I was instantly reminded why I love it so much. If you’ve ever had some hard to remove mascara or other eye makeup, meet your new BFF. Though it carries a steep price tag, you need so little of this product to get the job done that I say it’s totally worth it! I can’t see myself running out of this gem for at least the next year or so…it works that well.

4. Tarte ‘Happy Girls Shine Brigher’ Eye & Cheek Palette

If you follow along on Facebook, you may have seen my post on the 70% off flash sale Tarte was having a few weeks ago. It. Was. Amazing. This eye and cheek palette was just one of many items I purchased during the one-day sale (I did an unboxing of everything on my Instagram story though), and I’m totally smitten. I’ve never really been able to master the smokey eye, but this palette comes with the instructions and colors to create the perfect subtle, yet glam look.

5. Tigi Bed Head Headrush

Last but not least, I’ve started using my Tigi Bed Head Headrush spray again this month after a visit to my hairdresser. I’ve always loved this shine spray, mostly because it smells AMAZING. It also works wonders, giving hair that perfect final touch. I was so happy to get my hands on another bottle of this liquid gold!

What’s your favorite beauty product you’ve found recently?

  • Cat Chiang

    That Tarte palette is SO beautiful!

    <3 Cat

    • I know right?! I’m obsessed! xx

  • Nikki Gwin

    I am wondering if that Goldwell fade stop hair products is for brunettes too? I need something for mine.
    🙂 gwingal

    • I think it’s for any hair color, so it should work on brunettes too! I love it! xx

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I have never used the Headrush but anything that smells delicious I love!

    • Yeah, it’s not something I would’ve picked up on my own but I’m so hooked now! xx

  • Joline

    I love discovering new products! I’ve also been hearing a lot about charcoal. That’s something I will definitely try.

    • Yes, absolutely! I love the face wash, it’s so fresh and clean!

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    I love Biore products!

    • Same here! I feel like they work so well!

  • Tanya Bricking Leach

    I keep wanting to try charcoal, but it looks so messy. Wonder if it is a fad that will go?

    • Yeah, I have charcoal teeth whitening powder and I hate it! The face wash is just like a normal cleanser but darker, so it hasn’t given me any trouble…but I totally agree with the powders being a big inconvenience!

  • Allison Mary

    I’ve been wanting to try the Headrush!! Glad to know it smells and works great!

  • I’ve never tried any of these products but that Tarte palette looks so pretty!

    • Yes, I love it! The fact that it came with instructions too was a big bonus for me, haha!

  • Mitchelle

    Biore is pretty famous here. I haven’t tried something new lately but I might try this out.

  • I had a Shine spray from Goldwell. I was ok, but it was much more obvious on dark hair, rather than blond.
    I hope you make a review for these Goldwell products to see if they get on my short wishlist for hair care 🙂

  • Shannon Paige

    That charcoal cleanser sounds and looks awesome!


  • Donnica Smalls

    I actually just bought the Biore charcoal acne cleanser and I love it. I alternate between that and The Body Shop’s tea tree cleanser and my face has never been happier. I also am loving the Too Faced Melted Matte lippies. The color ladyballs is my go to red.

    • Oooh I definitely need to check out the tea tree cleanser…that sounds amazing! And I always love a good lip color too…now I know two items I need to add to my wish list! xx

  • Tatyanna Picou-Baptiste

    I’ll have to try out the Biore acne cleanser. I’ve heard such good things about charcoal for the skin.

    xx Tatyanna

    • Yes, it’s amazing! xx

  • I need to try that Biore cleanser! Their pore nose strips are my all time fave, and charcoal is so affective for eliminating excess oil.

    • Omg the nose strips are the best! But yeah, definitely try the cleanser! It’s SO refreshing. xx

  • Yes, for sure! It’s SO good!