25 Self Care Ideas That Will Cost You Absolutely No Money

Ahh, self care. The oh-so-trendy topic that’s simply everywhere on the web right now. It sounds very Gwenyth Paltrow if you ask me, but I love that #treatingyoself is actually becoming a legitimate practice.

I mean, if you’re not taking care of yourself, what ARE you doing?

Am I right?

I do think that there’s this huge misconception though that self care needs to be some elaborate, expensive, time consuming, etc. process. In reality, self care is a gold mine for us boss ladies.

It’s all about finding simple ways to take care of yourself and relieve the pressures of everyday, hectic-as-hell, modern life.

Sound good?

Great, because today I’m sharing with ya’ll 25 of my favorite, super easy self care ideas that will cost you absolutely no money (because #brokeasscollegegirlprobs):

Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to comment your favorite self care method below!

1. Make a cup of your favorite tea

2. Do a DIY face mask (try this yummy chocolate mask OR this 4-ingredient brightening strawberry clay face mask)

3. Sign out a new book from the library and read for fun

4. Take a bubble bath

5. Do a Youtube yoga video

6. Check something off your to-do list

7. Take 15 minutes and straighten out a room in your home (I actually believe in doing this once a day, because clutter can seriously impact our stress levels!)

8. Take a walk/job

9. Visit the local animal shelter and spend some time petting puppies (if that doesn’t boost your mood, idk what will)

10. Listen to a podcast

11. Unplug from social media for the day (or even ditch your phone entirely if you can)

12. Go to a local lake or park and do your work outside by the water

13. Cook a healthy meal at home (inspiration here)

14. Listen to your favorite album

15. Go for a drive

16. Clean out your closet and donate what you don’t want

17. Paint your nails

18. Make a mood/inspiration board for your office

19. Teach yourself something that you’ve been wanting to learn (there’s lots of Youtube tutorials and free advice online!)

20. Have a movie night with friends

21. Have a glass of wine (in your coziest robe w/ a bowl of popcorn, Olivia Pope style of course)

22. Plan out your outfits for the next week

23. Make an inspirational gallery wall for your home (print out pictures/quotes from the internet + use frames you already have!)

24. Rearrange your furniture

25. Write down five things you’re grateful for

So, what’s your favorite self care practice? Let’s chat below!