New Series: The Weekend Edit

For those of you who follow along regularly, you may or may not have noticed that I almost never post to the blog on weekends. I’m active on Snapchat (@blondechiffon) and Insta, but I’ve always felt that people aren’t as apt to go read a blog post on Saturday or Sunday as they are during the regular week. I honestly have no idea whether this is true or not (bad blogger, not doing my research, I know), but it’s also nice to take a little breather and come back strong on Monday.

I had an idea though recently.

What about sharing my weekend musings on the blog? I always love reading behind the scenes and day in the life posts, and I also figure that this will give me a good reason to, ya know, actually leave the house over the weekend so that I’ll have something to share with you guys — ha!

Not to mention, there’s a lot of things that I do (and pretty pictures to go along with ’em) that never quite make it to the blog. I’m thinking this series can help make up for that and establish more of a personal connection with you guys. There’s so many parts of my life that I feel like I never have an avenue to talk about here!

Also, you can check back every Monday for a new update to this series 🙂 



So, this weekend…I’m totally struggling to remember what all eventful things I did. But let’s start with the obvious.

If you’ve connected with me on Snapchat or Instagram, you might have figured out I went on a huuuuuge clothing haul. My roommate and I road tripped up to the Destiny Mall in Syracuse, NY on Saturday morning and we spent about seven hours there total.

It was a grand freaking time. I spent way to0 much money (as evidenced by this tweet), but the looks that are to come as a result of all the fab spring pieces I bought are definitely going to be worth it. We also ate at The Cheesecake Factory, which is oddly enough one of my fave chain restaurants.

If you happen to go there anytime soon, get the mango key lime cheesecake. Trust me now, thank me later. 

I’m also debating doing a haul on my YouTube channel with all the clothes I got, but that probably won’t be until next week. I do have to say though that I scored some major deals! If you have one near you, definitely check out Burlington for winter coats right now. I found a beautiful light green NorthFace winter/spring jacket that I was completely dying over at Nordstrom Rack, but couldn’t quite pull the trigger on that $140.

I strolled in Burlington just to kill some time a bit later, and I ended up walking out with THREE (super nice, high quality, designer) coats for about $125.

I’m probably never going to let that one go.

Anyways, what have you guys been up to? Did you do anything fun over the weekend? Saturday was the most fun for me, since I spent most of Sunday doing some spring cleaning (maybe I’ll do a post on some tips if there’s any interest?) and shopping for Richard’s birthday, which is this upcoming Sunday.

Spill the DTLS on your weekend below, and let me know what you want to see next!