Motivational Monday: Fear is Boring

“Motivational Monday” is a recurring series on The Blonde Chiffon, which focuses on a different inspirational quote/motto/idea in each and every segment. These ideas are handpicked with the intention of helping readers break through the common barriers of modern society, while also encouraging them to stay creative and inspired throughout their entire week. Enjoy!


As the saying goes, worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere. I feel the same way about fear, which remains at the top of my shit list indefinitely. After all, there’s really nothing remarkable about fear. No excitement, and certainly no enjoyment.

And did I mention that it’s f*cking boring?

Right now, I’m reading the best-selling book Big MagicIt’s written by the author of Eat Pray Love, and it’s essentially a must-have guide to living a creative life. In the book, the author Elizabeth Gilbert writes:

How true is that?

Fear only has one thing to say to us, and that thing is: STOP!

The truth is, there’s nothing unique about fear. But, how many people have you met who are truly fearless in the pursuit of their dreams? Who dive right into anything that they’re interested in without even the most minor concern of failure?

Now I’m not talking about people who are reckless. There’s a difference between reckless and and fearless, for sure. People who are fearless though aren’t bothered with failure. They’re all about the process and journey. It doesn’t matter if they don’t get something right the first time, because they’ll keep pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and trying again until it is.

Think of how many masterpieces never would have been created if artists were too afraid to pick up the paintbrush in the first place. The world would be a pretty dull place.

So, bottom line?

You’ll get farther failing at something today than you would waiting to start until tomorrow. Fear is a colossal waste of time AND potential.

Do you agree? When do you catch yourself feeling fearful? 

I get wrapped up in what other people think of me from time to time, but then I remember that other people’s opinions are really none of my business anyways.

Let me know what gets you worked up and how you cope with fear below! 

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