5 Things You Need in Your Life This Week

“5 Things You Need in Your Life This Week” is a recurring series on The Blonde Chiffon. New edits are published every Friday, and the intent is to give readers a concise list of amazing thoughts/projects/trends to try over the weekend and into the next week. I hope that you are as inspired as I am by these finds! 


I was super surprised last Friday at the positive reaction to my first “5 Things You Need in Your Life This Week” post. I always click on these types of articles on other blogs, but I had no idea how much others would enjoy my own finds!

For some reason, this week’s content was particularly easy to stumble upon, and it’s safe to say that I’m going to be trying all of the above in the very near future (aka Saturday & Sunday).

Have an amazing weekend, and let me know which of the above/below is YOUR favorite!

1. mastering the art of hygge

Mastering the art of what? Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the Danish way of life, and basically translates to coziness or warmth. According to this source, “hygge means creating a warm and familiar atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life.” There’s certain steps you can take to master this Danish happiness motto, like keeping soft lighting and surrounding yourself with loved ones, but I also just ordered this book, which goes more in depth on the practice.

2. a honey and oat face mask

A two-ingredient face mask? Hell to the yes. I especially love that it contains manuka honey, which is hailed in the natural beauty space for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

P.S. Here’s the exact brand that’s used in this face mask.

3. Rosé soaked gummy bears

Gummy bears are fun, but rosé soaked gummy bears take it to a whole new level. I so want to try this seemingly simple DIY from A Beautiful Mess.

4. berry chocolate chia pudding breakfast parfait

Starting the day with berries and chocolate? Count me in. I can’t wait to try this pretty recipe next week and get my day started off on the perfect note.

5. diy floral ice cubes

Homemade floral ice cubes are another easy DIY (so my style). I love the aesthetic, which is perfect for a Sunday brunch! And did I mention that they’re also just pretty?

Are you inspired to try any of the above? Any other amazing links I should know about? Spill it all below!