5 Things You Need in Your Life This Week


Similar to my Motivational Monday posts, rounding up some of my favorite content on the web quickly evolved into one of my very first series I started writing once I hit “publish” on TBC in 2014. Since then, I’ve gravitated more towards creating, rather than curating. That’s something that I’m proud of, because it’s honestly much harder (and a much longer road to success) than just constantly rounding up other people’s content. We’ve all seen those posts on Pinterest that have a bazillion repins, but all of the “150 Hacks/Recipes/etc.” in the article are just links to other blogs. It’s fun reading them once in awhile, but I’m a total believer in the need to create organic content if you want to develop a sustainable online community. Ya with me?

All this being said, I find so many great ideas online every week with absolutely no outlet to share them (except for Twitter, where you can follow for more of my favorite finds). What a drag! I also really enjoy reading “5 Things” type posts on other blogs, because I feel like it gives me a better sense of who that blogger is as a person. And once I’m invested in a blogger’s lifestyle, I’m hooked as a reader! If nothing else, I also find a lot of amazing ideas I want to try in these kinds of posts.

So…here’s “5 Things You Need in Your Life This Week”, which will be a recurring edit each Friday. I hope that you enjoy my finds just as much as I do and that they inspire you to try something new each weekend!

Now let’s dive in. Here the five things ya better get on ASAP:

1. this killer valentine’s day waffle bar

Are you guys sick of the Valentine’s Day content yet? Maybe you’ve already seen the last-minute gift guide and pretty strawberry clay mask I shared this week, but I’m just not done yet! I mean, how could I skip this beautifully landscaped V-Day waffle bar in my list of Friday favorites? It just wouldn’t be right, no? I’ve always loved the idea of a Galentine’s Day brunch, and this would be the perfect edition to any soirée.

2. diy v-day bath bombs

You guys know I love, love, love DIY beauty, and these bath bombs are no exception. How perfect are the “you’re the bomb” tags, too?!

3. a killer gold moto jacket

Doesn’t everyone just go nuts over a statement piece? I’m totally lusting over this gold moto jacket and the entire look from KB Styled. That being said, here’s a more budget friendly piece that looks just as cute.

4. diy heart sweatshirt

Yes, another V-Day DIY. Love it, or hate it — but there’s no denying that this DIY conversation heart sweatshirt is pure genius. Find out how to make it here.

5. getting comfy with uncomfortable

I feel like everyone needs to read this post from The Skinny Confidential. It’s such an important reminder to keep challenging ourselves and getting outside of our comfort zone — which is often where we produce some of our best work!

Tell me what you think of this new series! Did any of my favorite finds this week strike a chord for you?