10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Girls Will Love, All Under $25

Secret santa gift exchanges are one of my favorite holiday activities. There’s something about keeping who you’re shopping for on the down low that makes it extra exciting! In fact, there was so much anticipation between myself and my roommates that we just had to do our swap last weekend. So what if we caved in during just the first weekend in December? The only problem is that I’m still getting Elfster reminders that my gift exchange will be happening soon…

In case you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your secret santa exchange or just a cool find for your bestie, here are some of my favorite, most lust-worthy items this season (all 25 dollars or under!). 

1. Tarte lipsurgence lip gloss

Though I’ve never been one to focus on colorful eyeshadows or time-consuming eyeliner techniques, I’m a total lipstick/gloss addict.  I love adding a pop of color and often feel that my look is incomplete without it. So, if you know a beauty guru like me, this creamy tarte gloss could be the perfect gift. It’s also only $19, so you still have room to add in her favorite candy or something if you’re sticking to a 25 dollar budget! I like this color in particular, because it’s noticeable, yet not too bold. 


Do you love this scarf or what? It looks so warm, and I am obsessed with the burgundy color for winter. One of my roommates put together a “cozy” themed gift box for our secret santa exchange, which I thought was such a great idea. This scarf would work perfectly if you wanted to steal that theme! 

3. Madewell marl polka dot trouser socks

These socks are so cute! They’re also super budget friendly, so you’ve still got lots of room to create the perfect little gift bag. 

4. sugar lip polish

I’ve talked about my love for Fresh Sugar products before, and I’m confident that any girl would love to receive one of these items as a gift. These are the types of products that you don’t know you need until you have, but once you have them…I’m such a sucker for the therapeutic lip balm (trust me, it is so worth the price), and I’m sure that would make a great gift too!

5. ban.do love potion flask

I’ve been seeing ban.do products everywhere lately, and I always want to snatch up all of them! I wouldn’t usually think of a flask as a gift for one of my girlfriends, but this one is so fun and adorable that it might just make an amazing and unexpected gift. If you and your girls are over 21, it would also be super cute to add this to a “going out”/party themed gift box. 

6. scented candle in glass jar

I’m a big fan of candles, and my roommate obviously knows this since she just bought me one for our secret santa swap! As long as you pick an awesome scent (please no sugar cookie, yuck), you can’t really go wrong. 

7. boohoo plus evie justin bieber printed tee

Anybody who knows me, even just slightly, probably knows that I have a huge crush on Justin Bieber. I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore fan (though I used to be), but I still have a lot of love for him. On top of that, I also just really like this shirt. So, whether you know a fashionista who’s down with reppin’ JB or have a friend that’s a low key Belieber, this shirt’s pretty darn cool. And let’s be honest…once a Belieber always a Belieber. Am I right? 


Quoted bangles and other jewelry are some of my favorite gifts to get other people, because they’re meaningful. I always try to pick a message that I truly think will inspire that person and also a style that I think she’d actually like to wear, too. It’s such a classy option!


To be totally honest, I kind of can’t remember what was going through my mind when I threw cactus soap on a rope onto this list. However, it’s definitely Insta worthy, and everybody needs soap at some point. It’s also much less than 25 dollars, so there’s room to pair it with some other gifts as well (like bath salts and a loofah, for example). 


Are you surprised to see another ban.do product on this list? Don’t be. I’m all about this water bottle, and I feel like the text is something that I’m either thinking in my head or actually telling my friends constantly. This is a great gift for just about anyone who likes pizza. 

So, what are your secret santa gift exchange ideas? I want to hear all the DTLSs!