November Popsugar Must-Have Unboxing

Thank you to Popsugar for sending me this month’s Must-Have Box to try!

How is it that November is already coming to a close? I was shocked when I received this month’s Must-Have Box last week — it just seemed so soon! Really though, this month is wrapping up, and the season is bound to fly by with the holidays in full swing now. So much to do in so little time *insert unamused emoji here*. 

Anyways…despite my surprise at the pace this month seemed to expire at, I was so happy when November’s box showed up. Here’s a peek at what was inside:

kendra scott elaina rose gold bracelet in white pearl

By far my favorite item in this month’s Must-Have Box, I am high key obsessed with this Kendra Scott bracelet. It retails at 50 dollars people, so it’s something I never, ever would have splurged on. That’s why I’m so happy it came in this month’s box (which only costs $39.95 per month BTW). What a steal! It’s so dainty and beautiful, and I really like that it doesn’t have a clasp. 

Oogie’s gourmet toffee butter popcorn

You guys know my second favorite thing after shoes, jewelry, etc. is food, right? Errr maybe it’s a toss up…Either way though, I loved the toffee butter popcorn included in this month’s Must-Have Box. I notice that Popsugar usually includes some kind of food item in each month’s box, and I totally have a sweet tooth, so this was right up my alley. 

Meri Meri star party picks

I’m not hosting much for parties anytime soon, but I love these picks just the same. They’re so fun and will likely show up in a recipe post at some point. 

Stowaway cosmetics dawn to dusk palette

If you’ve read this post, you know I love my glittery shadows. I haven’t tried this palette yet, but I have a feeling I’m going to like it…a lot.  

Pehr chambray runner

I’ll admit, I didn’t really have a spot for this in my house at first. However, it’s super cute, so I made room. It’s perfect for the holiday season, and the color is gorg. 

aj goods handmade decorative wire bowl

I can be picky when it comes to home decor, and this bowl is a bit minimal for my taste. I like colors and drama, and unfortunately this piece has neither. However, it’s still totally functional and something I’ll definitely use. Not every item in subscription boxes can suit everyone’s style 100 percent of the time!

Overall, this month’s Must-Have Box was a win. It’s going to be hard to beat October’s box though, which was literal perfection. Regardless, it’s always exciting to receive each month’s box in the mail and see what’s inside!

What do you think of the November Must-Have Box? Any other subscription boxes I should try?

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