How to Use Honey to Eliminate Acne

If you’ve read any of these posts, you guys know just how obsessed I’ve become with natural beauty. I absolutely adore at-home remedies and treatments, and not just because they’re cheap AF. I’ve also found that they can be super effective…even more so than some leading brands laden with chemicals and other mysterious ingredients no one can pronounce.

Though I love sharing easy and luxurious DIYs like my all-time favorite French Vanilla Coffee Body Scrub, let’s get back to the basics for a hot second here. Almost all of my natural beauty concoctions contain one common, godly ingredient.


My sincerest condolences go out to any and all of my vegan friends who abstain from this magical elixir, because it is literally a skincare godsend. I use it as a secondary face wash daily and have even gotten Richard semi-hooked. It works. And if you don’t believe me, just read accounts of other beauty editors here & here, who have also experimented with honey as a facial cleanser. It’s one of those beauty trends that’s actually worth obsessing over. And not only is this beauty phenomenon all-natural, but it’s also an antibacterial, meaning that it’s perfect for treating acne.

Here’s a few options to try at home:

P.S. Opt for organic, raw honey to reap the full benefits of this natural beauty routine. I’ve used cheap clover honey when necessary, but it doesn’t contain the same ingredients as the raw bee versions, which are known be more effective!

honey as a face wash

Honey contains antibacterial compounds that are perfect for cleansing and reducing inflammation. Both Richard and I have noticed major improvements in our skin by either swapping out our regular face washes for a honey wash twice daily, or by complementing our routines with a honey wash follow up. Since I get sent lots of product samples, I usually find that option two works best for me. I go through my skincare routine as normal, and follow up any cleansing activities with a quick honey face wash. Bada bing, bada boom.

TIP: If you’re replacing all of your facial cleansers with honey and need a bit of extra exfoliation, try using a konjac sponge. You can apply the honey directly to the sponge and wash normally for a more texturized cleanse!

Konjac sponge Konjac sponge

honey face mask

Since honey is such a potent, yet gentle cleanser, it’s never a bad idea to soak up the gooey goodness even longer by doing a honey mask/facial. All you need to do is coat your face with honey and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. It’s sticky, but absolutely worth it if you’re serious about treating acne.

honey spot treatment

Most spot treatments are loaded with chemicals, so honey is a great all-natural and effective alternative. All you need to do is dab some of the goo onto any problem areas and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. It’s similar to doing a honey face mask, but it doesn’t require getting your whole face sticky with honey!

other ideas

So, would you try honey as a face wash? What about as a mask or spot treatment? Any other ideas? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

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