How to Treat Yourself During “That Time of the Month” (Feat. a Chocolate Face Mask)

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As a college student, I’m almost always on the go. And if I’m not on the go, I’m sitting at home stressing about how I should be out and about, getting things done. Basically, I have a very “Type A” personality at times, and am constantly working on new projects to feed my ambition (especially when it comes to this blog). So, “that time of the month”?…

It’s NOT my best friend. Ain’t nobody got time to be slowed down and straight up uncomfortable for seven days straight, right? Luckily I’ve figured out how to manage even the most painful cramps and obnoxious symptoms with just one easy mantra.

Treating myself.

Sometimes there’s not much you can do about sicko cramps and other obnoxious symptoms, but I do believe that there are credible and actionable ways to make yourself feel better when you’re on your period. And trust me, the power of positive thinking and a few beauty DIYs are all you need to feel like your best and most beautiful self, despite the odds during this time of the month.

So, that’s where this five-ingredient decadent chocolate face mask comes in.


♥ 1/4 cup dark cocoa powder

♥ 1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt

♥ 2 tbsp. honey

♥ 1/3 cup almond milk

♥ 1/4 cup oats


♥ Add the cocoa powder, plain Greek yogurt, and honey to a bowl. Stir as much as you can (it will still be very dry).

♥ Add the almond milk and stir. It should now look like a real face mask.

♥ Add and stir in 1/4 cup of oats.

♥ Store in the fridge (due to yogurt and almond milk).

♥ Enjoy!

I’m obsessed with making my own beauty products, and this is the perfect, simple recipe for beginners and DIY gurus alike. Plus, this concoction is exactly what your skin needs when mother nature makes her appearance. The main element of this mask that’ll boost your skin during your period is the yogurt, which has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The oats also help to soothe troubled skin, while honey serves as a great antibacterial ingredient that also helps to ward off acne that is so often present during this time of the month. And of course, the cocoa is also great, not only because it smells delicious, but it contains lots of antioxidants, which help to slow down aging and reduce sun damage!

This chocolate face mask is just one way to treat yourself when Aunt Flow’s in town. Here’s a breakdown of all of my tips to abide by during this time of the month to both look and feel your absolute best:


This is a great way to relax while also trying something new. I’d obviously recommend this dark chocolate face mask to prevent all of your period woes, but there’s lots of options out there. Pick something that is five ingredients or less (it makes it easier) and run with it!


I love essential oils, mostly because they remind me of the spa. There’s so many scents to choose from, each with unique benefits, so do your research and choose one that will help you kick back and relax this week. And if you’re a newbie? Try lavender! It’s famous for it’s relaxing qualities. You can also use many essential oils in the bathtub to create a truly luxurious treat for yourself, so consider that as an option in addition to diffusing the scent throughout your house.


The typical reaction during “that time of month” is to curl up on the couch with some good old comfort food, right? But does anyone actually feel good about binge watching the latest tv obsession and gorging on potato chips? Probably not. While these days are certainly necessary once in awhile, try treating your bod with a delicious and nutritious meal. You’ll not only feel better about making a healthy choice while also avoiding dreaded bloating, but you’ll be less inclined to develop skin problems during this time of the month by avoiding greasy foods as well.


Just like eating healthy, it’s important to stay hydrated during this time of the month. Some women get lightheaded or dizzy during this time, so try an infused water recipe or iced tea to encourage you to get in your 64 ounces daily.


You shouldn’t be slowed down by your period. Get out there and do something that will brighten your day. For me, it’s riding my horse or going to yoga, but even reading a good book outside can make all the difference in your attitude. The point is to do something that you love, that you might not always have the time for when life gets in the way. Make time now and take care of yourself!


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What are your tips for treating yourself during “that time of the month”? Is there anything I missed? 

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